On November 12, 2009 I purchased a Pro-Form XP Thinline 480 Elliptical Exerciser at Sears store in Billings, MT. On November 30, 2009 I called the phone number provided on the user manual (1-800-469-4663.

In speaking to the technician I explained that the console was faulty and that multiple sets of batteries were tested, the wire connection was checked and all wires were inspected for kinks, cuts or other disrepair and the reed switch was adjusted. He suggested that a technician come and inspect the machine. While this would be a plausible resolve I live in the county and it is over an hour from there to town. I requested that a replacement could be shipped to my home and I would install the replacement console or I would bring the old one to town and replace it with the technician.

The first tech hung up on me and when I called back I was transferred to Sears Customer Relations and they assured me a new part would be sent to my home but would need to transfer me to parts. The parts department said they could not authorize the part and the Warranty Dept. would need to do so. Warranty would not order part because Parts did not authorize the part but once again a tech could come to my home and perform the same diagnostics I was told the tech would do.

Back to Customer Relations yet a new person that had to be informed of the situation. Transferred back to parts and again to warranty, same as above no one would honor the warranty provided with the elliptical. Sears will send a tech out requiring a minimum two hours round trip but would not ship, trade otherwise work with a customer with warranty issue. Back with customer relations I once again explained the situation and was told if I was to install the console myself I would void my warranty.

I explained that the instruction manual had me install it at time of the installation and I was capable of doing this.

After further debate I asked why I was wise enough to install the original console but not a replacement was it installed differently? I was told "I'm not sure why that is sir" "But if the technician that comes out says you can then we can have you install it. Back to parts department and then to the warranty department and nothing was resolved.

I was once again transferred to customer irritations who wanted to transfer me to parts. After 3 technicians said that I had performed the same diagnostics they would have I was still required to take a minimum day off of work to wait at my home for a part everyone agreed needed to be repaired.

The warranty states a 90 day warranty which would extend in February 2010 and nothing that indicates a technician would need to respond to verify the disrepair of their product.

Sears rep called to once again inform me that they would not cover the above statement

Monetary Loss: $500.

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