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I write this letter in extreme frustration with Sears and the inability to deliver on the promises that have been made.

1/1/08, the washing machine stopped working. I contacted Sears to have a technician come out to repair the machine. The appt is 1/24 3 weeks later. The technician was to arrive between 1 and 5 PM, he arrived at 7. He could not repair the machine or determine what was wrong as it was a stacking unit & that required 2 technicians and that since the serial numbers located in the washer door has rubbed clean he was not able to determine what type of machine we had, then charged a service call fee of $65.00.

I contacted Sears and they were very sorry and would refund the service charge, & made a new appt for the 29th. The technician did not show, & made a new appt. He ordered a part. When it arrived the technician came out and installed the part. The machine still did not work. So they ordered several other parts & again a no show for the appt. They set up another appt. The mgr at Sears stated she would make arrangements for us to be reimbursed for the laundry charges.

I contacted Sears 2/15 & was told that the most I could get reimbursed for the laundry for 2 months was $60.00, & expect in 5 – 7 days. I have not received it. The technician came out & again installed new parts. The machine still did not work.

One Monday 2/25 I contacted Sears again. I spoke with Monica & she stated that she was authorizing a replacement of the machine & another $100 in laundry reimbursement & that someone would also be contacting to reimburse me the service charge.

T2/28 I contacted Sears again. I spoke to Mike who stated that Monica should not have authorized the replacement as we had not had 4 service calls. I explained that the service call this Saturday will be the 7th service call. He stated that since Sears had not showed up on 2 of the service calls & that the other 2 calls did not include replacement of parts, I would have to endure at least 2 more service calls in which they installed more parts in the machine prior to having the machine replaced. I explained, that Sears has already spent more in parts that the machine cost when I purchased it. So after 1 ½ hours, 2 disconnections & explaining myself 5 times, Sears has decided that I am to receive nothing in the way of customer service.


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I have had a Sears repair-person over my house 5x in 12 months. Now they are giving me the run-around on honoring the warranty. Been on hold with a representative for over 45 minutes and I am going out of my mind.

Will short Sears stock first thing Monday morning


Sears just decided to not honor a warrantee repair on a high end dishwasher.It stopped working during the warrantee, the repair request was called in during the warrantee period and a repair was scheduled.

I had to cancel the service call due to a conflict.

Now Sears tells me that I am out of warrantee and they will not service the machine under warrantee.This is the second machine that I bought from them in the last year that has failed...never going to buy from Sears again and will do my best to tell future potential customers just how bad their products and service really are


We too have had the worse experience with Sears customer service.We purchased a high-end Kenmore Elite french door refrigerator/freezer from Sears in Nov.

2011. In April 2012 the entire thing quit. After numerous "missed" technician visits due to their lack of notifying us of their arrival time we finally got a technician to look at it and inform us that it couldn't be fixed and therefore we "qualified" for a replacement of "similar" kind.

It's been over 2 weeks without a refrigerator and now we are again at their mercy waiting for them to call and set a replacement appointment after they go through their "process"!This is so frustrating and we will NEVER buy another Sears product again!


I would never purchase anything from sears ever again.they're customer service is the worst in the nation and they;re so called blue rippon team at corporate is worst than lower level management.

I ordered a brand new kenmore cooktop and it arrived through usp left on my front porch damaged in the box. I contacted the store and was told that sears would repair or replace it because it was still under warranty. i called the 800 number and was transferred to 5 different departments and then told that because i purchased from thier online store it could not be repaired or replaced and that i needed to file a damage claim with ups who they shipped it through. ( go figure) i was told by a rep name brice that he would send me a 75.00 gift card for my trouble.

well i called the next day still upset and was told that no one knew who brice was. i finally contacted the corporate blue ribbon team who stated that because i recieved a discount on the unit he would not be willing to replace it but offered a 100.00 gift card after the service call was complete. the service guy came out and saw the unit and refused to fix it because he stated that sears should just replace it. he called my gopher and they agreed to replace the unit and stated that i would reciev e an email regarding replacement.

i never recieved an email and so i called the blue ribbon team and talk to a case manager who told me that the item should be replaced but since he was not the one handling my case i needed to talk to ikhlas mirza and he would have to make that decision. well he is a complete *** and he did everything except called me a liar. he told me sears will not replace a unit that i got a discount on that if i wanted my broken unit replace regardless of the fact that it is still under warranty i need to pay the difference of the current price.

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!never buy anything from sears horrible customer service, horrible warranty, and horrible corporate personnell.


Sears has been giving us the runaround for almost a week to fix our 23 month old A/C unit.They said the parts will be on backorder until Aug.

25! We have called around to several places in the area and the parts are available locally!!!! We have contacted Sears main office in Chicago with no resolution. We are finished with them (except small claims court).

By the way, it is supposed to be 100 degrees again tomorrow and we can't use our Kenmore central A/C because of Sears' incompetency.We will never purchase as much as a screwdriver from Sears again.


I have a Sears Kenmore Elite Fridge- the biggest piece of junk going.It's 4 years old- for the 1st 2 1/2 years I had service at least 5-6 times for it freezing everything placed towards the back.

As incredible as this sounds- I was told not to put anything in the back of my fridge. Finally one repair guy came out and replaced something and it semi worked for 1- 1 1/2 years. Now, its not working. The fridge is warm, the freezer is like the fridge and it's not making ice.

I've been waiting 12 days for a service call on the extended warranty tha I paid mega bucks for.Supposed to come here between 1-25 meanwhile I had to throw out HUNDREDS of DOLLARS of items from the freezer and fridge- NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS!!!

to Nora-Eve San Diego, California, United States #997132

Currently having the same problem.Unit has been down for 2 weeks, parts are back ordered coming from Korea??

I was told by their advocacy group that though the warranty reads replacement of the entire unit if they can't fix it, or get parts, the law (as I was quoted by Sears representative) only requires them to fix it within 28 days. We have been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks now with no end in sight.

How much sense does it make for Sears "service" to not carry parts.No wonder Sears is going out of business.


Update: The Sears Man in Blue showed up on time, was very pleasant, tested the dryer, found the sound (a dime)and continued to test the dryer and tested the heating temp, since I thought it was heating way too hot.He could not find a problem.

I was not charged. He did not make me feel *** and said it was better to be safe than sorry.

I live alone and need to be able to trust what I am told and who I am purchasing from.So, I am still happy with Sears and will continue to purchase from them.


I have always had great service and bought excellent products from SEars.But, I just bought a stacked washer/dryer in January and the dryer is not working.

I set up a call for today between 1-5. It is only 3:45 so, no problem. Last night I received a courtsey call and was told I would have to provide prrof of the warranty when the tech arrives....great...do I have proof? I called and with in 3 minutes I was supplied with a number and guaranteed that the tech could have looked it up too.

OK, so far so good.

I will keep you posted.They just called to say they will be here in 15 minutes...So far so service issues.




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