I have been trying to get my washing machine fixed for over 2 months now.We have had to make 4 services calls, with the 8am to 5pm window.

First time tech showed up at 7pm, talked on his cell and ordered the wrong part, 2nd time another tech came went to install part and noticed it was wrong, 3rd time they called and told me to reschedule my appt since no one was at home, I was like What? Appt. 4th time, which is today (9/24/08), I am on the phone now because they said i have to reschedule since no one was there. My washing machine is hooked up outside my house for service so there wouldn't be any rescheduling.

They said tech called and no one was there, but hey if they would have went to my door and knocked like they should have they would have ran right into the washer!! Also, service was told about this when I made the last two appointments....this is getting way out of control. Also I had to buy a cheap 300.00 washing machine, because the laundry mat is outragous!!!

Horrible Horrible Service.


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We scheduled an appointment for today, January 30, 2018, between 10.00 am and 2:00 pm.At 9:00 am we get a call from a technician named Chris stating that because the way they scheduled him for the day, he would not get here until between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.

It is now after 3:00 and he hasn’t called.

This completely ruined our day.Why do you keep people waiting so long?


Mike Norris


internet sales Order # 840414

Part not available price total of $146.24

Refund credit $108.81

You have lost a customer independent repairment


I've been in the same situation.I have 4 huge boxes at home because Sears keeps saying it's the wrong part or it's damaged.

I've been waiting since June.

It's pathetic.I never had problems with Sears until now

Grosse Ile, Michigan, United States #681629

I am 2 months without my Maytag washer now.Multiple calls to service center and 3 appointments.

They left yesterday claiming to have fixed the washer and the first load of wash resulted in a flooded laundry room(washer less than a year old at this time). The kicker is that they tried to schedule another repair for the 25th of July (it is the 16th today).

Took forty minutues of yelling but they finally decided to send someone out today between 1 and 5.Nobody has showed up yet (it is 2:35) - if today results in a failure - I'll be calling the number listed in this email thread.

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