Baltimore, Maryland

I have been trying to get my washing machine fixed for over 2 months now. We have had to make 4 services calls, with the 8am to 5pm window.

First time tech showed up at 7pm, talked on his cell and ordered the wrong part, 2nd time another tech came went to install part and noticed it was wrong, 3rd time they called and told me to reschedule my appt since no one was at home, I was like What? Appt. 4th time, which is today (9/24/08), I am on the phone now because they said i have to reschedule since no one was there. My washing machine is hooked up outside my house for service so there wouldn't be any rescheduling.

They said tech called and no one was there, but hey if they would have went to my door and knocked like they should have they would have ran right into the washer!! Also, service was told about this when I made the last two appointments....this is getting way out of control. Also I had to buy a cheap 300.00 washing machine, because the laundry mat is outragous!!!

Horrible Horrible Service.

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I have had the same Kenmore washer for 1p yrs have had to have it repaired 3 times a year. Called 4 weeks ago guy came out pressed some buttons said it worked week later it's down again came back ordered part 2days later not working was suppose to access and tell American Home Shield for news washer arrogant repairman got upset because I complained stormed out of my home and now he refuse to call insurance company will be calling the complaint office everyday until something is done..Maybe that's why Sears is losing so much money no loyalty!!!!




A.c. duct cleaning a total scam.


I bought a refrigerator model elite. The refrigerator broke down after one year, and I was told the warranty is for a year.

Very very very bad customer service. They put u on hold for hours and hours, and nobody answer the phone calls to help you. Nobody should shop there at all. I will never ever buy anything from them.

EVERYBODY BE AWARE, SEARS DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR SOLD MERCHANDISE AND WARRANTY. If you call them ,the message keep saying: We appreciate your patient, the next available representative will be with you as soon as possible. Hours and hours nobody answers and is only message. The worst experience I ever had with a company.

Very happy, they are going out of business. The customers, should not be treated like this.


i had a terrible experience with a service tech today too he could not unplug the dryer and so packed up and was leaving and i said i have people who can do it, so to get rid of me, he said he would call after his next job and come back if it was done. he did not call and did not answer his phone.

i called in and made a formal complaint about him (lot of good that does) and now i am doing this. i also texted him and told him i made a complaint about him (as if he cares).

i will never buy another sears appliance or get their warranty or use them in any way. No wonder they are going broke!!!


Lets start by saying I will never buy anything from Sears again. I purchased a Kenmore gas range in 2015 for about $800.00.

The stove control board shorted out twice in the first year. The repair man refused to replace the stove saying he would be fined by the company. I have since then had a couple more control panels installed at my expense. I also had an electrician look at the stove and my house wiring.

There is a clear manufacture default in the stove. Sears has refused to stand behind the stove and continued to lie to me repeatedly. BUYER BEWARE!! SEARS WILL NOT WARRANTY THERE MERCHANDISE!!!!

I am currently researching a new range to purchase (from anywhere but Sears). Any suggestions would be great!!


Brenda. Stayed home 2 different days for repair service 8Am to 5pm.

Calls me at noon say it will be later in day before he can make it. At 5pm calls cant make it. Paid up front $89.00 just for him to come out. No show paid in advanced.

Will never buy another appliance from Sears. 7/11/18


I have a Sears whole house warranty. My refrideeratorbroke and I called on Monday.

phone rep put me onhold for 45 min. and said no local repairman avail. would send toregional for service. 24 hrs later I called again spoke withdifferent rep that also told me nolocalrepair service avail and notified regional.

Third day different person spoke with stated no work orderwasmade by firsttwo reps I talked to. She issued a work order # and couldn't find a localrepair service avail and sent thework orderto regional for service. Thurs I call again rep seen order was placed but no one assigned to fixrefrig. sent to regional.

I asked to speak to a supv. for past three days. I am toldone will call me. They never do.

Sears homewarranty service is horrible.

I remember the days whenyou would call Sears for repairs and the little white vanwould come out the same day. Those werethe good old days


The person I talked to on the phone was so hard to understand, I finally hung up in frustration. After being on hold for 10 minutes this is unacceptable.


I had an appointment yesterday and no one showed up. When I called they said the serviceman tried to call me but the line was busy everytime he called.

That is a lie because it is a cell phone. I am furious.


Sears extended warranty is NO GOOD. You are much better off to call a local repairman and skip the frustration of dealing with folks in foreign countries to schedule an appointment for you.

Had an appointment scheduled for May 10, 2018. Was told I was the first appointment of the day. After several calls to see why the technician had not showed I was told I was the first appointment and tech was working on #3 so I would be next------Go figure. No tech showed yesterday.

I call back this morning to be put off until May 17. I have doubts about ever seeing a Sears technician. Lost a days work waiting on a service that is subpar.

When asked about reimbursement was offered 25.00. That is an insult.


You Are Right They Are The Worst Dishwasher broke 8 time same part had a contract that stated if they could not fix it would replace it well that never happened. called the corporate Dept.

put in a complaint this should have been replaced after the 3rd call for the same part and come to find out they are using refurbished parts!

Now it is gone again no light no power. Never ever buy a contact from them they do not live up to thee terms but they know how to take your money every month now don't they.


Sears and A&E are terrible companies! Our 3 yr.

old refrigerator broke on Dec 26,2017 and today is April,3,2018 and it is STILL not fixed! We have had several service calls, and repairs and it keeps breaking.

We purchased the extended warranty- good thing because it would cost a lot of money for repairs. Never again!


We scheduled an appointment for today, January 30, 2018, between 10.00 am and 2:00 pm. At 9:00 am we get a call from a technician named Chris stating that because the way they scheduled him for the day, he would not get here until between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.

It is now after 3:00 and he hasn’t called.

This completely ruined our day. Why do you keep people waiting so long?


Mike Norris


internet sales Order # 840414

Part not available price total of $146.24

Refund credit $108.81

You have lost a customer independent repairment


I've been in the same situation. I have 4 huge boxes at home because Sears keeps saying it's the wrong part or it's damaged.

I've been waiting since June.

It's pathetic. I never had problems with Sears until now


I am 2 months without my Maytag washer now. Multiple calls to service center and 3 appointments.

They left yesterday claiming to have fixed the washer and the first load of wash resulted in a flooded laundry room(washer less than a year old at this time). The kicker is that they tried to schedule another repair for the 25th of July (it is the 16th today).

Took forty minutues of yelling but they finally decided to send someone out today between 1 and 5. Nobody has showed up yet (it is 2:35) - if today results in a failure - I'll be calling the number listed in this email thread.