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I am so disappointed in sears warranty and customers service.

I could not imagine that can happen in a country like CANADA!!! Where are the law makers and police to catch all these LIARS who robs innocent people in a very VERY MODERN WAY...My story is very simple and straight I bought a high end Mattress just thinking that sleep is the most important thing in our lives to get yourself ready for the next day and I paid through my mouth and nose to buy that Mattress and salesman (LIAR A BIG LIAR) told me that this mattress has 10 or 20 years warranty if it sags or bulge or anything goes wrong with the mattress. After buying that mattress--- in 4 months it has started Bugling and sagging from the sides.

I GOT BACKACHE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...I called sears customers service (MOST ILL MANNERED SERIVCE REPS...THEY JUST DONT ABUSE YOU OTHERISE SAY EVERYTHING JUST TO FORCE YOU TO END UP THE CALL)...anyways according to their report mattress doesn't have 2 inch depression so they can't do anything--------CAN YOU BEAT THAT...I M HAVING BACK PAIN BECOZ OF THE MATTRSS and any blind person can tell you that mattress is sagging and bulging and has dents on both sides of the mattress...i mean that's a limit...then they simply refuse to change or repair the mattress NO MATTER HOW BAD BACKACHE I HAVE!!! my wife has stopped sleeping on that bed and sleep on 2 inch mattress on floor bcoz of the pain...that's sooo outrageous...I belong to India (A third world developing country) but sorry to say EVEN THAT DOESNT HAPPEN THERE...THERE IS NO HONESTY IN SEARS PEOPLE THEY ARE SIMPLY ROBBER AND LIARS ...NEVER PURSHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM...SO DISAPPOINTED

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #600244

I had opposite experience with sears. I purchased my mattress in September 2011,and was given 10 years of warranty against sagging over 1.1/2 inch or more (less than 1.1/2 is normal due to body impressions that get on the mattress).

In December 2012, I started to notice a sag on my mattress, it wasn't very deep,but it was uncofortable to sleep in,so I called customer service, all they asked is my purchase information, and problem with the mattress, and told me that they will send some medic home to check and measure the sag. 4 days later medic came and check the mattress, and confirmed the sag of 1.1/4 inch and told me that now store will contact me with further info. Withing one week I got call from sears mattress department to come and select another mattress.

I am so happy with their warranty and the process, I recommend everyone to get their mattress there. I didn't find them rip off, thanks sears.


I just want to say, as a former employee of Sears, usually the customer who has the issue with customer service does not stop to listen. After countless phone calls with angry customers, they did not take my advice or the advice of the other associates. Had they simply listened to the associates or been slightly more patient, their problems would have been easily resolved.



You didn't mention whether the mattress is a Sears brand, or whether it is a third party brand, such as Sealey or Serta. Informing Pissed Consumer readers of the brand of mattress would be very helpful, especially for a mattress that goes bad within four months.

If the mattress does not bear the Sears name, then Sears' responsibility is limited to whatever their return/exchange policy is for the mattress. The policy should appear on your sales receipt.

I'm unfamiliar with Sears return/exchange policy, but typically, retail stores in general will have an exchange policy for their third party merchandise that can be as short as 10 days; 30 to 90 days is most common; up to 1 year does exist, but is very unusual. In the case of a third party brand mattress, once Sears' return/exchange period has expired, you have to deal directly with the manufacturer for redress of in-warranty issues.

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