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I bought an expensive set of stainless steel pots and pans from Sears, having been told they had a lifetime warranty... if any problem, just return the item and it would be replaced. Subsequently, the heat distribution plate on the bottom of one of the pots fell off.

I took the defective pot to the same Sears store where I had purchased the set. The staff there, including the "Associate Store Manager", told me that there was nothing they could do. He gave me a phone number of "Customer Service at the pot manufacturer's". A call there was fruitless... they didn't handle warranties, and I was referred to another phone number for Customer Service. My call to that number connected me to a company which does only house party type sales.

A call to Sears head office in Toronto was fruitless... they would not do anything to help.

Sears has now lost any future business from my family.


Monetary Loss: $45.

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Yeah Sears is a big racket with their warranties and in my opinion their products in general. You get what you pay for. Just buy a higher quality product from a reputable mom and pop shop and take the extra cost up front. You'll be much happier down the road and hopefully Sears will someday go under.

You wouldn't believe what I am having to go through to get a simple part of a one year old treadmill replaced that broke from normal use. So much for a $125, 3 year extended warranty.

I'm done even going to Sears for anything anymore. I avoid it like the plague when I walk through the mall.

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