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Purchased weider pro from them and purchased insurance. Had them assemble the product to make sure it is properly done.

purchased it around March, not even a month after, the cable broke. Called them and were transferred from one person to another. They told us that they had to order the part and won't get here until end of June. Waited and follow up with them end of, and they told us that the part has not arrived yet and waited for another week.

No call from them, so we had to contact them again, and now we are told that a technician has to come to see the part, and if it is replaceable. This is so frustrating. We waited for 3 mos. to get it fixed and now we are not even sure if they can fix it.

We are stuck with a broken product and don't even know if we can get our money back.

Will never buy anything major again from sears. You would think that a cable is not that hard to find, why does it take so long to get the part ordered.

Monetary Loss: $400.

  • Sears installers
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When you buy the extended warranty or insurance on a product you are no longer dealing with that company but rather the insurance company and their paid contractors/service. If you are lucky you will be dealing with a different division of the company.

But places like Sears sub contract their warranty and service to take the store out of the picture, they literally can blame any preceding issues on someone else.

But they still lose customers because they think they are dealing with one company.

For a cable to break like that so quickly tells me it wasn't installed right. It could've been rubbing something not moving smoothly or when they crimped the cable they did didn't do it right allowing the individual strands on the cable to come un done one by one.

Anytime you buy a warranty anywhere ask who will actually do the service and who will actually be handling warranty or service issues ie who is insuring or backing it.

to sub***tractorservice #841035

Thank you for your good input. This is a lesson learned for me.


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