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Update by user Apr 29, 2011

On Thursday, 4/28/2011 I contacted the Social Media section of Sears via email. They have contacted me.

I will post updates as they happen. I am not holding out much hope - but we will see.

My problem is actually a small one. But the tactics that Sears is using are done knowinly and with malice.

They know what they are doing by running the customers around in circles until the customer gets tired of fighting with them and gives up. Deal with them at your own risk.

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2011

I purchased a *** Wacker from Sears on 4/17/2010. On 4/19/2010 the reel that holds the line assembly fell apart. The Owner's Manual clearly says there is a 2 year warranty on this product. They will not send me a replacement reel, they told me to take it to the store, which I did. The store wants $35.00 to send the unit out for repairs.


If you are looking for appliances - go to Lowes. Purchase the cheaper appliances and put a 5 year warranty on the thing. BECAUSE LOWES STANDS BEHIND THEIR WARRANTIES!!!!

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Take your receipt and the item back to sears and tell them you want an exchange. Not service.

Explain what happened to the manager of Lawn and Garden. If they make you send it out for service go ahead and do it. That 35.00 charge is for parts not covered under the warranty... go ahead and agree to it tell them to put on the service order that you want to be contacted by the service center..

they will call you. Explain to the service center what the exact problem is and what exactly you want fixed.

Tell them when you purchased it and tell them that you will not pay for anything that is not covered under the warranty. I work for sears and I am not trying to *** you around I deal with the service centers they are pretty reasonable.


That 35$ shipping fee might the local store trying to scarf up money along with disuading customers from bringing stuff back.

If it's under warranty how can they charge you a 35$ shipping fee which is basically a labor fee???


It sounds like they are considering the reel itself an expendable or normal wear & tear part. The line is expendable the reel should not be but since the line goes around the reel they might consider it line. They should've at least explained that to you.

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