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I purchased a new front load washing machine with the extended warranty from Sears in 2006. The knob broke off of the machine in July of 2008, while it was still covered by the warranty.

I called to make a service appointment and was told that they could only give me a service time window of 8 am to 5 pm. The technician arrived at 3 pm the day of service and was unable to fix the machine. He ordered a part, which was delivered to my house the day before the follow-up service call. The part we received was obviously the incorrect part, so I called Sears to alert them and possible save myself the day (they would only give me an 8 am to 5 pm window again.) During my first phone call, I was told that the parts department would call me.

They never did. The day of the appointment, I called again and was told the technician would call me. He never did. On the third phone call, I was allegedly transfered to the Escalation department, where they put me on hold and allegedly called the technician.

They claim to have talked to the technician and he promised he would fix it today, no matter what. He got here at 2 pm and could not fix the washing machine because he had the wrong part. He claimed that no on ever contacted him to tell him I was concerned about having the wrong part. Now they are telling me that they can only give me another 8 am to 5 pm service window, but maybe they could do it on a Saturday so I can stop using vacation time to get this resolved.

BUT, they would not make the appointment today because the technician had not resolved my case. I paid good money for an extended warranty and Sears has not honored it. Not only that, but by only providing an EIGHT HOUR service window, they have caused me to take two days of vacation time. I make $43 an hour at my job and have already had to take 16 hours off, losing $688, almost the cost of the washing machine.

Now Sears wants me to take another day off, which would be an additional $344, the cost of the warranty. This is horrible customer service and I wonder at its legality.

Just because Sears is a big business, that does not mean they should get to treat paying customers this way!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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