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I bought a Kenmore Grill 5/8/2008 for $400 on sale. The burners have a 10 year warranty, "replaced free of charge".

The warranty does say that labor is not covered. My burners rusted through and Sears now require a service call $100 to verify they are burned through. It is an easy part I plan on replacing myself. The part lists for $9.56.

So much for replacement warranty.

It will be the last appliance I ever buy from sears. As a 50+ year old home owner I had been a loyal customer that they lost for stupidity.

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I bought a new grill in 2007. I paid $1300.00 for a Kenmore Elite 5 burner, 2 infared burners and side burner.

The Stainless steel burner tubes rusted out/ split and they also wanted to charge $100.00 for a service call to examine the defective parts. Same run around as the above stories described. This is a total scam! :( I have tried to find out what manufacture built this equipment so I could by-pass the crooks @ Sears but I haven't had any luck.

No wonder companies fail!

By the way my parts cost $22.00 ea. and there is 5 !

I too bought a Sears Grill a few years ago Only I spent over $600 on a Kenmore Elite model. Same "10 year warrant" on the burners.

Same run around on needing to send a service technician to verify the burners had indeed disintigrated. $100 minimum trip charge and no, they would not order the parts - only the technician could and no they would not accept pictures or even the defective part sent to them or brought to a service center.

This type of "service" is just another reason Sears is in decline. Stay away from any appliance at Sears if you ever want any service on it.


Sounds like to me you should have checked out the merchandise prior to purchase $tup!d on your part. Don't blame Sears for your shortcommings.

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