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I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator on 11/07. Six months later it broke, their technician stated that it was not fixable.

I called One Source and was told that the model was discontinued and the sister model with EXACT same specifications would cost me $400 additional + tax and delivery. This was after the store saleman said it would be replaced at no additional cost, he supposedly set up a delivery -but never did. I was told he did not have authority to do this. They will not replace the refrig with the equal model or refund my money.

You a re better off with a mom and pop store.

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Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #22401

same thing happened to me and they have been horrible to deal with! and i did end up paying them $ cause my model was discontinued- and no i did not purchase it as a close out, you ***!

you can never talk to the same rep, no one reviews your notes and they all tell you something different! it took me 1 week of calling them daily, and now today, my new washer and dryer are to be delivered!

and can you believe that we had to reschedule because they didn't follow instructions to stack and switch the doors! there is no communication at the "one source" and i think it is the one source for insanity!

Limerick, Maine, United States #21538

If the refrigerator is only 6 months old, Sears should replace it for free. If they've discontinued the model then they should replace it with a comparable model for FREE! What ever happened to standing behind a product?

Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #20367

I agree with Robespierre. If you spent $800, then you should get $800 worth of stuff as a replacement. Otherwise, morons like you would go buy the really big discounted stuff, break it, and get a new replacement for free.

Saipan, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands #20366

Letr me guess, you got a close-out model at a close-out price? Saved yourself some money being cheap, and now that your gamble has failed, you're blaming Sears?

Get over yourself.

Take the money they're offering and be done with it. Crying now because you sold yourself short is dumb.

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