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Sears warranty service is a reason to never buy at Sears

In February 27th of this year we replaced a refrigerator with a new Kenmore refrigerator / Freezer. Today, August 26th everything in the refrigerator side was frozen, and the water dispenser no longer dispensed water.

I called Sears service 800 number, requested a warranty service call, and was told that I would have to wait over 2 weeks until September 10th for a warranty service call. The agent suggested I call customer solutions at another number. I called the customer solutions number, and was again told that I would be waiting until September 10th, but was promised a call back to arrange an earlyer service date. I am still waiting for the call back.

I then called customer solutions again and asked to have the unit replaced, and was told that it could not be replaced with out 4 service calls in one year.

I asked if I could have an non-sears service company fix it, and was told that using an outside service company, I would void the warranty and Sears would not pay for the repairs.

So, they will not fix it in a timely manner, they will not replace it, and the warranty is voided if I use an alternate service company. Kafka could not have written a more convoluted warranty.

This is the last large appliance I will ever buy from Sears.

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I bought a $600.00 service contract on my Zero Turn mower, had to call Sears three times and still have not got parts to fix it. I wish I had never bought it!

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