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I bought a washer last February. It is under is normal manufactures warrantee.

After 5...yes 5 visits, parts replaced 3 times, oil wiped out once, and one "look over"...I'm having to wait yet again to ruin more clothes (over $300 have been ruined by oil deposits) and call to have one LAST tech out...or so they get a new washer.

Who can I contact to replace this fast? My warrantee is almost out and I'm afraid they will use that date as an excuse, even after all of this drama, to refuse replacement!

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Sears is not responsible for replacing your washer. find out why, here:


if problem still persists call the manufacturer of the washer. They can authorize a replacement or can give you what is called a concession which basically means they will pay for the repairs to fix it.

If your machine is a top loader I would probably say you have a bad seal under the agitator where the transmission comes thru the basket drive. If it is a front loader it could be a rear bearing causing the oil residue in your laundry.

also take in mind if you are not finding oil spots until after they are dried it could be coming from your dryer catching clothes between the basket and front panel. This leaves little straight line black marks that could be misidentified as oil stains.

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