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On August 22, 2014, our 4-year old front load washing machine (with which we had also purchased the service agreement) stopped working. We called the service line, and booked an appointment for a technician to diagnose.

Said appointment was kept, and the tech determined that a new main PC board for the washer was required, so he ordered the replacement part (estimated to take 10 days to arrive). After 2 weeks, the part was in stock, and the tech called to come & make the repair. On his arrival, he discovered that the part sent was incorrect for the model/version of our machine. He then ordered a REPLACEMENT replacement part, which they said would be "expedited", as it was now close to a month without our washer.

That part arrived, not without an extra bit of hassle. Apparently the part was shipped to the wrong service tech, who operates out of a city an hour away. Our tech had to meet the other tech to pick up the part from them, before he could come to our home. Once the part finally arrived here, it was installed without incident.

The technician turned on the machine, verified that it seemed to power up fine, and then departed. On going to try and do some laundry, we discovered that the problem really wasn't resolved. The PC Board might have "fit" in the machine, but it is obviously programmed wrong (or for a different machine). Turning the knob or pressing the buttons on the machine makes arbitrary lights illuminate, and there's no apparent correlation between what settings are being made versus what lights are on.

For example, pressing the button for "soil level" makes the light next to "cycle signal" come on. We called the service line once again, to schedule another appointment. A new service technician was sent, who essentially scratched his head & said "huh...that can't be right...I've never seen that before...". A third PC Board was ordered, expedited, and said would be here within a couple days.

It's now closing in on 2 weeks since that occurred, so I called the Service Line again to find out what's up.

I just got off the phone with them, and I'm told that the part is being shipped directly from the manufacturer and should be here "sometime next week". I guess we'll see about that...

I'm no math genius, but 8 weeks, at an average of 8 loads/wk, at say, two bucks/load at a laundromat to wash (plus at least that again to dry, since hauling wet laundry home is rather bothersome at best) is probably not too far away from what this washing machine cost us to begin with.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Time to resolve.

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It's now been close to 11 weeks since our washer died. Sears contacted us recently with an offer to buy out our machine, stating that the part required was unavailable (or more accurately, they were "unsure when it would become available").

Sadly, their offer was only $400 -- against an appliance that's half of a matching set that cost $2500. To top it all off, their offer was for Sears credit -- not cash.

At this point we've declined their offer. We're certainly never going to buy a replacement from Sears, and absolutely we'd not be able to get anything for four hundred bucks!



Have you not seen the previous reviews of SEARS and A&E service? OMG.......when are you people gonna wise up and stop buying from this get what you deserve

to Sears Tech #909687

the call center is just as bad

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