Reno, Nevada

The signs outside the entryway read, 'Sears Affordable Watch and Jewelry Repair', however it is anything but. The price charged for a watch battery at Sears is dependant on the type of watch.

The more expensive the brand of watch...the higher the cost of the battery replacement. I was charged $35 to replace a battery, which I had previously paid $5 to replace at a different jewelry store.

They are misleading in their sale of the watch battery replacement and imply that the battery itself costs more. They take advantage of people and price gouge them, yet the sign says, 'Sears AFFORDABLE Watch and Jewelry Repair'.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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I agree! What a rip off. I have a Movado and it's a five dollar battery I was charged 25 dollars...Looks like I'll buy the little screwdriver and a battery and do it myself next time.


you are correct. they did it to me,also.


You are an ***. You paid $35.00 when you knew you could get it for $5.00?

I'd buy a DieHard at sears, but a watch battery. You got what you deserved. I would have charged you a $100.00 and told you it was a "magic" battery that would allow you to talk to the Loch Ness Monster.

Or was that "'bout $3.50? Grow up and take an adult with you when you shop.