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our water heater is under warranty so of course I called Sears to fix it. They couldn't fit me in for a week believe it or not. When the tech finally arrived 2 hours late,he told me the part would come the next day and went so far as to show me on his screen that he marked it "emergency" order. He said he was so sorry I had waited a week and that as soon as the part arrived I could order service. After waiting another day for the part, I just...
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offconsumerpissed "When the tech finally arrived 2 hours late..."
When people make such complaints, I wish they would sit and think about things logically. Imagine if he starts working on yo...


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Recently my Kenmore water heater that was purchased in February of 2013 stopped working. After some simple triage steps I was able to determine that the honeywell gas valve was faulty. Like the rest of you, I had to call on Thursday to have a sears technician has to come out to diagnose the my faulty honeywell gas valve for a convenient 89$ before they would order and "warranty the defective 3 year old part. I think this is a crock of *** but...
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I didn't like
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