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I purchased a house in July 2012 which came fully furnished with very nice Whirlpool appliances. Today my refrigerator quit working less than 2 yrs since I purchased the house.

I called the retailer (Sears) as well as Whirlpool who told me the fridge has only one year warranty. I did some research online and contacted many repair companies to try and troubleshoot the issue. Tonight I have found that the compressor in my fridge is not working properly. It is extremely noisy, extremely hot and will not cool the fridge anymore.

After moving the fridge and removing the rear cover I've identified from the manufacturers tag that the compressor is an Embraco EM3Y60HLP. I am seriously un satisfied about the short lifespan of this equipment that it's only lasted less than two years. This equipment is getting much more difficult to have repaired do to the technology involved and this refrigerator has become disposable because of the poor equipment that has been installed. The compressor made it past the warranty period so now the consumer is responsible for the cost of repairs and or replacement.

Embraco's website speaks about innovation and technology, passion, sustainability and talents. I as a consumer would like to see this company put their money where there mouth is and stand up for their product and help a consumer. Otherwise theses words of wisdom and wealth are worthless and my children are without a refrigerator because the company that build the compressor is as disposable and the the product they have created. I will continue to post this and more on the internet until I am emailed a response.

Yours truly, the most dis-satisfied consumer ever.

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Sears Response

We would like someone with the Sears Canada Customer Service Department help with your warranty issues. You mentioned calling the retailer, but we would like to you try calling the customer service line 1-888-932-1015 and/or go to the Sears Canada customer support page: to see what we can do to help.

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