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I am a pissed off former employee of Sears. I worked at Sears for a year after I graduated high school I did not want to go to college after high school so I choose to work at Sears and that is the worst decision I have ever made. I have quit Sears and will be attending college but this is why Sears sucks and why it has over 1500 complains here on pissedconsumer. I accepted a job as a cashier because that was all they offered at the time. It was a part time job. Within one week of me being hired 8 of the 16 cashiers the store had quit. Which meant that I was working full time hours. But I got none of the benefits and all of the ***. At Sears cashiers are measured on 4 metrics. The first and most important to management is credit applications. Sears expects its cashiers to get at least one credit application for every ten customers they service. The next is shop your way rewards enrollments. In this area Sears expects 3 out of every ten customers. The third is amount of time spent with each customer. Sears expects all proccesed transactions to take less than two minutes no matter how much the person is buying. The fourth metric for Sears cashiers is not customer service but amount of money that they make for the store. There were people that I worked with who were written up for not making the company enough money. And they were working in a department where every item was either on clearance or buy one get one free. How is it their fault that the company had a great sale that day.

Sears has a customer satisfaction survey it is at the bottom of your mile long reciept and the first question on the survey asks if you have a credit card for Sears. So how does that measure the satisfaction of customers.

I quit because I could no longer deal with the evil soul suckers that are Sears Holdings Corporation.

I will be reaching out to every one I know. I will be going on every compaliants site and every social networking site. And I will make sure that no one ever spends another dime in any of your stores.

And for those of you that do not know Sears and Kmart are the same company now. So do not spend another dime at either of these stores.

Spread the world. Sears does not care about its employees and it certainly does not care about its customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

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This is what black people put up with always hospital schools gov jobs


I worked at Sears for about 5-6 weeks. I was part time and always refused to work over 30 hours because I knew I would not get the benefits.

Luckily I was not a sucker to this game after working at Marshalls for 4 years as a sales associate. When I became a cashier at Sears I was always asked "how many credit cards did you sell?" It was always about credit apps and was a guilt game. Now why would anyone want a credit card from a retail store going under? This was my summer job too, but after quitting few days ago I was supposed to be paid last Friday.

Nothing came (usually direct deposit). I email HR who asks how many hours I worked between a certain time. I responded with the hours and asked in return "Do you guys really not keep track of your employees hours?" How frightening : / Also I am a very hard worker but I noticed I was always lectured on everything. Did not close registers right.

It is really risky and unprofessional to keep over 2000 dollars in a register in such a busy store. Most retail stores take out the 100 dollar bills and put it in a safe. No Sears just tells you to count it out, put it in a bag, and toss it behind a counter. At Marshalls I got to see the vault and the person who counts the money.

At Sears I have no freaking idea where that money goes, but seems sketchy. Lots of young and *** coworkers under the age of 21. I was the second oldest cashier and I am only 23. So yes Sears does not hire older cashiers, and they do not care about your prior work experience since they started me off at 8.25 per hour after leaving Marshalls at 10.25 per hour.

I hope they go under, and I hope the CEO goes bankrupt for his recklessness and carelessness.

This is the worst store I have ever worked for and seen people shop at. You are better off at Walmart or a TJMaxx store to be honest.


I worked at Sears and recently quit. People would *** and complain about having to close, but it's better than having to attend the morning public shaming rally. Lol


I worked with Sears for only 2 weeks as a cashier and decided to quit because of the very unhealthy and stressful environment. I was promised at list 15 hours of training both in a computer and actual site.

But lo and behold the computer training is all about the policy of the store and how an Indian Lady who held the highest position encourage as to give good service which is cool at first.

To make the long story short my training hours had been cut and I was put into the floor all by myself without spending enough time to learn the how to operate the cash register.

To make the matter worse they had a lot of sales that you are supposed to know without giving you a notice or proper information on what items are on sale. Not only that my manager is a *** who told me that I should at list signed 8 costumers for a Sears Card or Master Card in which majority of the costumers no longer wish to add anymore card to their name. My super *** manager said that my percentage is 54 and I found out only today that if it will reach 60% I might get fired. But I had already made up my mind 3 days before that I will no longer come back to work for this evil company.

I was hired as a full time cashier but they cut my hours into 8 a week. I applied for a cashier job not a salesperson for their *** credit. To those who signed up for the account read and understand very well what you are getting into. And when you see a discount for a certain item read the fine print and also watch you Shop Your Way Points because they disappear immediately and the sale items are not included.

Just some heads up. Your phone number might be sold to India Call Center so don't be surprised. Its just sad that this American symbol of Institution had been ran by Indian Conglomorate. Most of the employee are not costumer based but just wants you to signed up for their credit cards.

Shop at Sears at your own risked. This makes Walmart looks more of a saint compare to the evil giant Sears.


I just worked there for three days on the floor and had really no training and found out when you are a closer you have to stay until the department is cleaned and THEY tell u when u can leave and yes big pressure on pushing credit card apps.


We are having a similar issue now. My daughter is in high school and has worked at sears for 2 years.

She works part time and gets fussed at weekly over credit applications. You can't expect a high schooler who works less than 20 hours a week who gets stuck at hardware cashier terminal to get a lot of credit apps. Sears does NOT care about their employees at all. It's the retail game that they are a sucky player at.

Scheduling of employees is beyond a nightmare. Corporate needs a good shake up with new bosses because from corporate on down they suck big time.


Recently I'omegas trouble with them and I've only been with then for 3 months.My online schedule it said I had off yesterday. No one called me or left a message saying I was supposed to work yesterday.

So a coworker messaged me asking why I wasn't there and that the head manager was pissed. I got pissed and said I had off. They told me on you have to check the physical schedule in the book. My last day I worked was Saturday....

THEY PUT THE NEW SCHEDULE IN THE BOOK YESTERDAY. Needless to say my work has a *** problem with scheduling recently... I've never ever had this problem. On top of that I've never missed a day of work except the one time I got burned badly.

So one of the managers that says we are good buddies messages me and shows me a picture of her screen with my supposed hours I was supposed to work that day(6am-2) it was already too late to try and go in anyways and plus I planned something.

If that's not enough she says to always check the book and said not to Rely on the online schedule...which I have never heard someone say to me ever. (They don't communicate at all)

On top of thhhaaat I say people have gotten away with worse and I've never missed a day. She calls me a kindergartener and to own up.. take responsibility for MY actions.

She even keeps going because I don't reply to her and say that no one gets away with stuff like that when I know for a fact it has. At the same time this manager talks *** behind people's backs.. and I'm the kindergartener? The fact that I only had 17 hours for one whole week then I checked today and they gave me 6 hours for the whole week.

I am furious! No one can survive with that amount of hours working minimum wage!


Sears sucks because my igniter broke afte the third use and they cant even find the part # I found it on ebay for $6.00

Sears sucks !!


so right


What other company still uses DOS? How many of you even remember DOS?


Sears goal is to force customers to accept damaged merchandise, bad customer service. It's become an ugly nasty business.


Sears is hurting financially. We do anything and everything to protect our bottom line.


I too look forward to that big barge finally going DOWN! I remember Sears in its heyday when they treated employees with more respect.

Now they're completely disposable. And the customer service us more like customer prevention.


My son graduated and like you, got a job at Sears just until he can get into the Air Force. He just got fired last week because he honored a ad for Levi's jeans.

I guess it was a company policy giving the customer the ad price and Levis company didn't like that. So he was investigated and has to pay what he sold the Levi's jeans to the customer and a fine of some sort about $2k cause he broke company policy. Yes he also told me that they pressured him to always ask customers to apply for the Sears credit card.

Half the time my son couldn't take his scheduled lunch (he'd be the only cashier in men's most days and no one can't cover him) and Sears got on him for that as well. So he got fired.


Sears just sucks!


Wow! You choose your availability, so don't complain about your work hours.

You are the one who has to enroll to get benefits, so that is your fault as well. Sears is Customer first, always!

You misrepresent their philosophies and obviously know nothing about the SHC as a whole. Glad you are no longer there to further harm their name.


Sears misrepresents its own philosophies. Its service as a whole is geared toward ripping off the customer for the maximum possible benefit to the company.

I used to work in Sears's parts sales department. I had to quit because I couldn't stand ripping those poor people off with Sears's *** overpriced services.


Sears is all about Sears, screw the customer!


You are really way off base. I used to be a frequent Sears customer, but have stopped shopping with Sears completely.

Why? Well, management is horrible and rude. Sears is totally inept and dishonest. Service is terrible.

I have witnessed managment verbally abusing employees in front of customers. Product lines are worthless. You clearly represent Sears and not the truth. It is total bs.

that a young new employee is in control of availablity and hours. Total bs that a young new employee is totally in charge of enrolling for benefits. That is just not reality.

I too am glad that this person is no longer with Sears since working for sears and shopping with Sears is nothing but horrible. Any other job would be better.


I currently work for this evil company as a customer service call center worker in az. I agree Sears is morally wrong.

Customers purchase a Rpa to have us come fix thier *** & my job is to do everything to make the customer feel dumb for calling & not send a Tech. Im in Az if u have any jobs that r actually on the up n up Id like a call.

I feel as if the worse i screw sears customers the happier management is n i hate it but i must do it because i have mouths to feed. L.P.Crandall please help me help others 480-271-6732