Went to sears to use the "why not lease it" program to get a new computer.The store had 5 of the crappiest laptops in stock, with none on display, just placards telling you the vaguest idea of what each product included.

Employee advised that I could only use this program with products in the store; nothing else could be ordered or otherwise selected. When I told him that what was on display was not really useful or desirable, and that they represented some if the lowest rated products but with jacked up prices, he tried to tell me that they were "for students". I have been a student for quite some time, so I can tell you from experience that these products were NOT what any reasonable student would choose.

Basically, this program is intended to rope desperate people into buying substandard products at inflated prices ( plus the lease companys fee!!!)Just save up and go almost anywhere else.Please believe this is not a square deal.

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You might be right kid about the laptops but 36 dolars a month for a table saw and a 14inch band saw at a reasonable price is no joke and theu are both craftsman which are known higher level tools and they have good priced hand tools as well that are backed with lifetime warranties boo hoo if they sale *** laptops go cry to mommy next time before you slam a whole syore for having a bad electronics section

to Anonymous #1343052

Fee bucks a month towards renting something.You are told in the stores that at the end of 5 months you own the products.

This is not true in the least.

You pay to lease them then you can buy them for almost the full cost.It is a scam.


It is completely a scam we did this and ended up with them taking money out of an account for a year for 400.00 worth of merchandise. My brother in law ended up paying 2000.00 for a 500.00 TV. Hey if you can do this and get by with it we are in the wrong profession.

to Anonymous #1399732

You should have closed that account the month they started taken out if you were being charged like that..


I have used Why not lease it 4 times now and I have NEVER had a negative issue.First READ THE CONTRACT IT IS A LEGAL BINDING DOCUMENT.

INSPECT YOUR MERCHANDISE BEFORE YOU ACCEPT DELIVERY, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY NOT THE STORE OR WNLI. They are in business to make money not to give everything away because people don't read what they sign. Yes if you keep the item on a monthly lease for the entire term you will pay a fortune. Just like a car you finance it for a LONG time and it depreciates and breaks.

If you don"t make payments they are going to call and call and then repo it if you do not pay what the contract you signed says. Welcome to the USA. I got a 4k kitchen aid refrigerator at the Sears outlet here for less than a thousand dollars, made the first payment then the 5 required, called 30 days before last payment was due and got the buyout amount. Then just paid it off.

No issues at all. Did this 3 more times with major appliances with the same result. The amount I saved was incredible.

Now waiting for Sears to put their riding mowers on sale and will do it again.

to Anonymous #1260108

Same here, used it before and they are very nice everyone I've called. They even reversed a automatic draft for me because of an error.

to Anonymous #1343054

The issue is the stores lying about how the plan works.As far as reading the contract, I wasn't shown one before I did the program, were You?

I didn't realize how bad this program was until I went and made a second purchase and started reading the receipts on the way home.Legal or not, it's not right

Newport, Rhode Island, United States #1084143

I had no problem ever so i have done like 6 or maybe 7 all payd before thr 90 days if u pay before the 90 days the whole amount not just the biweekly payments u will end up paying only a 10% of interest if u pay before 30 days u only paying 5 % wich is not bad for handing u the items with out having the full amount. I think is a great idea for thoose eho pay bills on time. Started apprived for 350 now im approved for 1200 not bad at all.


Sears is probably not the best place to search for a new computer, and the models they have available for lease are likely low end models, so that when it isn't returned, there is not much of a merchandise loss.


Bank ripoff charged account twice and wouldn't return it do not give your blanking information fraud

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