Camden, New Jersey

Went to sears to use the "why not lease it" program to get a new computer. The store had 5 of the crappiest laptops in stock, with none on display, just placards telling you the vaguest idea of what each product included.

Employee advised that I could only use this program with products in the store; nothing else could be ordered or otherwise selected. When I told him that what was on display was not really useful or desirable, and that they represented some if the lowest rated products but with jacked up prices, he tried to tell me that they were "for students". I have been a student for quite some time, so I can tell you from experience that these products were NOT what any reasonable student would choose.

Basically, this program is intended to rope desperate people into buying substandard products at inflated prices ( plus the lease companys fee!!!)Just save up and go almost anywhere else. Please believe this is not a square deal.

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What’s not right is buying without knowing the terms. Your ignorance isn’t justification for saying sears is in the wrong.

As the consumer you have poor credit or else you wouldn’t be leasing items from sears. You have a history of not paying your bills or you wouldn’t be leasing from sears. I’m guessing all your missed payments and charg offs are all “not right “ either. You as the consumer have every opportunity to research a leasing program before purchasing.

There is abundant information online you could have checked before making the impulse decision to lease from sears. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and blame the big bad company because of your poor decision making. You didn’t read your receipts the first time ?? Lol.

Come on now. Take some accountability for being a credit rat , not paying your bills on time ( of course I’m sure there is some long dramatic sob story about why your credit got so bad you have to resort toLeasing from sears)


Well bud, when the cashier outright says “this isn’t rent a center, you’re getting a new product that's paid in full after 5 moths” you tend to take that persons word for it. Now while it might be printed within the 4-6 receipts you’re given and expected to sign...the old price of $1,499 is now null and void, the new price is actually $2,300 due to a “buyout” option after 5-6 months. Leasing or’s robbery, and you trying to justify it by insulting someone’s credit is pathetic...must be nice to say whatever you’d like, while hiding behind a computer monitor eh?


Ya mat you know it all *** I don’t have bad credit. They gave me this option.

I’m a contractor and carry several thousand on the books and they had the lawn mower on sale so I gave a thousand down and 222 Every two weeks and they said I would own it.

I trusted sears to tell me the truth. They lied and your a dumb *** thing you know it all.


I was never shown the contract, the terms before I signed either. They gave it to me after they took my payment.


You are obviously oblivious to the scams this company pulls . Any other rent to own company sets monthly payments and when those are done you own the product.

Not let’s set you up with 5 payments just so you can start making payments to own the product. So let me be the first to correct you.

YOU need to read the fine print because this company is a joke and taking your money. Good luck to you in your future purchases I guess.


I had no problem ever so i have done like 6 or maybe 7 all payd before thr 90 days if u pay before the 90 days the whole amount not just the biweekly payments u will end up paying only a 10% of interest if u pay before 30 days u only paying 5 % wich is not bad for handing u the items with out having the full amount. I think is a great idea for thoose eho pay bills on time. Started apprived for 350 now im approved for 1200 not bad at all.


Sears is probably not the best place to search for a new computer, and the models they have available for lease are likely low end models, so that when it isn't returned, there is not much of a merchandise loss.


Miss Leggs to Anonymous less than a minute ago

I've had a similar bad experiences with them. Call the Federal Trade Bureau to Complain 18773824357



Bank ripoff charged account twice and wouldn't return it do not give your blanking information fraud


I've had a similar bad experiences with them. Call the Federal Trade Bureau to Complain


I have had 3 Kenmore refridgeators delivered to my home and they have been dented and the compressor has made load noises 2 times I have had them removed NOW 3 TIMES AND REDELIVERED 3 TIMES !!! everytime I get another fridge they are the same thing I get NOTHING BUT A RUN AROUND !! I will never buy another thing from sears again ...


I have used why not lease it 4 times. Not once have I had any problems and have had new and name brand merchandise!

If you pay off early it is no more expensive than anything else! I have had good experience at Sears both with their product and their employees!


Tell us how this payoff early thing works? From what I have seen you must make a down payment the day of purchase and 5 monthly payments or 10 bi weekly payments after that you have a balloon payment.

So how did you payoff early?


Hi on you contract first page tells you the amount for the interest you will be paying if you pay off on 30 , 60 or 90 days if you want to pay a little xtra every week or any time you want you just call wnl and make the payment they will update you with the new buy out amount avery time you make a extra payment and they can tell you when your 90 days expire


DO NOT USE WHYNOTLEASEIT. I worked for them for several years.

Trust me, you will pay more than what you thought and the customer service is below average. We are trained to focus on getting payments only.

We are trained not to be concerned with your financial issues or customer service. The focus is getting your money!


After driving an hour and half for merchandise and reading the contract i notice im being charged for stuff i didnt receive i called the wnl company and told rep i didnt have what was listed and he said its an issue i have to resolve with the place i bought from. What happens if i dont pay this ?im being robbed of my money for stuff i dont have


What happens if you don't pay them?


my entire kitchen was bought from Sears on the why not lease it program we've bought a refrigerator that is now paid off we bought a stove and microwave that is now paid off and we just recently purchased a dishwasher that is now paid off and we've only had it 3 months I loved why not lease it program from Sears we plan to go back and purchase a big screen TV,


Similar experience with a lawn mower after paying more than the cost of the mower and assuming it was done the just lease it company sent me to debt collections 3 months later saying i still owe another 300 on it. Not one person that handled our sale (because it took three employees to set us up) mentioned that it would be 800 dollars for a 350 piece of equipment.

We could have bought it out right and saved ourselves from a horrible nightmare.

Only reason we chose that option was to build credit. Somebody or several in our case lack of knowledge at sears cost us more headaches than it was worth.


Please! Don't use why not lease it. They use my account to pay another customer account

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