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We bought a dishwasher at Sears in November. We paid for and scheduled the installation in the store for the following week.

The installer never showed up and we later received a call that the delivery was delayed. When we called the 800 number left on our voice mail, the customer service person, who was obviously foreign and not good at English, asked us why we were calling (?!). She then "couldn't see the screen" that would show her exactly what the problem was. We went through these awful customer service calls about a dozen times; we would get an automated voice mail during the day, we would call back in the evening, and the customer service people would actually ask us what the nature of the problem was.

We would say, "We don't know- YOU are supposed to know!" It was hopeless. After TWO MORE rescheduled but failed deliveries, we find out that our dishwasher was discontinued & will never be delivered. We waited 6 weeks for a refund. We then foolishly went to the local Sears outlet, thinking that they are smaller and will literally put our name on the item and deliver within a week.

We paid for and scheduled the installation in the store. The installer never came and so at the end of the 3-hour window of time, we called the store. Guess what- they couldn't find our dishwasher! Then, the installer called us a week later & told us that they had the unit & could reschedule the delivery.

Guess what- they called us the night before and said they lost the dishwasher! Waited another 6 weeks for a refund. 4 1/2 months wasted with Sears. Store managers were completely unsympathetic and disinterested.

Outsourced customer service was atrocious.

We will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Don't fall for it, Madlebomommy. If the "Searscares" comment is legit, it is still an attempt by Sears at damage control---not improving customer service.

Having worked in this area for decades, I recognize the key words she is using: "issue", "my team", "point of contact", and "escalated concerns". These people *** you into believing they can and will help you in an attempt to convince the reader of your complaint that Sears is really a good but misunderstood company who only wants to do what's right.

Don't waste your time. Those of us who grew up shopping at Sears no longer do, for the reasons cited by you, among others.

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