I have been purchasing Sears products for 30 years...this is the worst experience. Purchased a Kenmore 1hp Food Disposer (model #17560591 Serial # 09121012583) and the following day had a plumber install it.

The item was defective from the outset and I immediately called the Sears Warranty group. The nightmare starts now...2 hours on the phone with 6 different people and everyone was kicking the can down the street...the result is that Sears will not pay to reinstall they will just replace the product...so for a defective item that I never used I will have to pay for re-installation charge...

My advice is to not purchase any Sears product unless you intend to have Sears install it for you...unfortunately they do not say that in any of their documentation on the internet...As a result I will never buy a Sears product...

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I have to agree with "wow" and "really". Our expectations are really getting out of hand.

Unless you ask, take interest in your investment, make an educated purchase, find out the facts, unless you do all of that you cant blame anyone. No one will tell you what they wont cover, they barely tell you what they will, if anything.

Its like going to back to the dealer and saying: "No one told me that if I didnt put gas in the car it would leave me stranded... who's paying for the tow?" This might be obvious to you, but not to others, just like the fact re-installation wasnt covered is obvious to me but not to you.


They do not need to spell out that they will not cover you paying someone else to install it. They will honor the warranty on the product and replace that for you, but unless they STATED that they would cover the installation then your expectations are unreasonable.


You bought a product not an installation. I can't imagine why you think they would pay for a re-installation, they are not responsible for the installation in any way. Ridiculous.

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