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Update by user Jan 11, 2012

I finally did speak to someone from Sears. Solution was that there is fine prints in the price matching policy Sears has.

Basically an item which you as to match can\'t be on sale. I said why wouldn\'t I go down the Road and save lots of money at Target or Best Buy and he had no answer.

As to warranty, he said Sears is a retailer and has no control over product such as craftsman warranty. Deal with them I was told. When I said that Sears with their quantity buying ability, they should insist that warranty rules be placed on all products which would be sold at Sears.

That\'s a good idea I was told.

Basic line, Sears will take your money and let you hang. They did pay me $50.00 gift certificate for my troubles.

Too bad I have to spend it at Sears. Many other stores sell the same products as Sears, I suggest people use those.

Update by user Jan 06, 2012

I finally got a call from Sears Corporate Office. They said that Sears price matches regular prices but not sale prices.

I said I bought 2 items at Best Buy each $20 less than Sears. I asked \"wouldn\'t you do the same\", the answer was yes. I was told to read the very fine print about price matching. Before anyone buys anything from Sears, do a google search for the item in your area.

I drove 2 minutes away to save $20 dollars. But in the end this is Sears policy and surely that why they are closing stores. Sears is not competitive with others.

Always check before buying from Sears. I did and saved a lot of money.

Update by user Dec 20, 2011

I digested a Sears ad in the newspaper 12/20/11. Totally read their small print guidelines about matching prices.

I gave them all the information they needed and more, but they refused to match prices as they advertise. It would be ok if they did not match prices, but to advertise they would and then neglect on that...isn\'t that a violation of some laws?

Sears was on a list of the top 10 troubled companies to watch out for in 2012. I think we all understand why.

Original review posted by user Dec 18, 2011

Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Wifi Disk player advertized at Sears at $139.99. I checked on-line for store pickup in zip 14226. At Target and Best Buy the identical Sony on sale for store pickup at $119.99. All stores within 1/2 mile of each other. I ordered in my cart at all 3 stores ready for store pickup. Before checking out, I had a gift cert for Sears so I wished to buy at Sears. I went online and chatted to their live customer service rep. I asked for a price match and gave her the sites where I found the exact same product all online with store pickup all within 1/2 miles of each other. She said she would process the price match but then came back that Sears would not match because these were sale items at Target and Best Buy. It was a sale item at Sears also. She stated sorry this was Sears policy not to match sale items. I said thank you and please pass on to whoever at Sears, that I will go to Target or Best Buy to get the exact item. Is there anyone who would not. Sears policy follow it!

Sears again must use the smallest font available in its price guarantee. I did show beyond any doubt and Sears Rep did verify this that the item using the exact terms could be purchased a a lower price elsewhere but Sears would not match this. Note that had the same with a 2 day shipping for $110.00 and others for somewhat lower. I did not ask for that price to be matched.

Sears again is not a consumer friendly place of business. Why would anyone shop their is unknown. Sears in 2 previously complaints stated that someone would call me about the issues. 5 weeks later only e-mail stating they would call but no one has.

Shop places other that Sears! They do not live up to any expectations. My experiences are proof to that. Today's no price match was expected. This is what Sears is.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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