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We went today and purchased a new stove from the local Sears store. The employee loaded the stove onto my trailer, and I left the store.

Only a couple miles up the road the stove came off of the trailer! It is completely demolished :( We picked everything up out of the road and drove back to Sears. When we got there they told us that there was nothing they could do and that we should have purchased tie-straps from them......Little late for that! So, I came home and called Sears "800" number and the lady tells me that they owe me a replacement......

Then she gives me the number to the same store that just said there was nothing they could do......?????????? Now what...........

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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The paper you signed states that Sears will help you load the item but they are not responsible for securing the item. It also states that they are not responsible for damages to the vehicle or the appliance while is being loaded.

Seas help you loaded as a courtesy but ultimately it is your responsability to secure the item. Is common sense.

You dont go to target and buy a shirt and asked the cashier to load for you. Sears employee help YOU load, you don not help them.


Why should Sears replace a stove that fell of YOUR trailer when YOU were driving? That's your own fault.


Blame Canada!


I find it hard to believe that the lady on the phone would say the store owed you a replacement, if you told her the truth. Ultimately, the responsibility for making sure your load is properly secured falls on you as the driver. Sure the Sears employee loaded it, but he didn't strap it down because that is your job.

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Your auto insurance will cover your loss, and you the consumer are resposible.What if that stove hade hit someone behind you.After you purchased the stove if you did not pay for home delivery are resposible for its safe delivery, not Sears.


It's called "taking personal responsibility." Only a fool would allow a stranger to load his trailer with an appliance and then not check to make sure it is secure. I suppose you still believe in the tooth fairy, right??


A wise person would've strapped in the stove. Nice going genius.

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