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I bought a garage door opener from Sears 4 months ago, and almost from day 1 was having problems with the sensors malfunctioning randomly (occasionally detecting a blockage when nothing was there, and preventing the door from closing).It was more of a nuisance than anything else, but I finally got tired of it and called about getting replacement sensors under warranty and figured I had more than enough time given the 3 year warranty on parts.

I was informed that since it had been purchased more than 3 months ago, I would be required to have a service technician come out and diagnose the issue at a cost of $75. The sensors only cost $40, and even the rep admitted that most likely this is the source of my issue. I offered to remove the sensors, bring them to a Sears store and get a replacement part under warranty, but the rep stated this couldn't be done. I don't understand how Sears could state that there's a 3 year warranty on parts when there is no way to bring the defective part back to the store.

It makes no sense to spend $75 for a service call for a $40 part, especially when I can easily bring it back to the store. I understand that the warranty states that you must pay for labor after 3 months, but this is a very cut and dry parts issue and I do not require any labor to resolve this.

Seems fraudulent to me to require a service visit when you can easily bring any defective part back to a Sears location.Never heard of a warranty statement such as this, and I am considering reporting this to the FTC!

Monetary Loss: $40.


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Prolly not the Sensors but more than likely it is in the wiring. Check the Wires for any breaks or staples.

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