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I purchased a $600+ Sealy (Canon Bay) Queen-Mattress Set from Sears, in March 2011. It is December, 2012 (a little over 1yr later) and my mattress has a horrible (almost 2") sag in the middle.

When I purchased the mattress set at Sears, the salesman inquired whether I had a bed frame and I told him that I already had a frame from my previous Queen-Mattress Set (that I previously owned for 15+ years). The salesman said OK, and we went forward with the purchase. The salesman said nothing about Sealy beds requiring a specific type of queen bed frame.

I contacted Sears regarding the warranty on the bed and they in turn sent instructions to me regarding how to take pictures of the sag (using string & ruler), the warranty tag, law tag, and frame.

Sears responded to my claim telling me that my claim was denied because I was using a 4-leg frame instead of a 5-legged (4-post, center bar w/leg) as Sealy's warranty supports.

There was no discussion of the need for a specific TYPE of bed frame to use during the purchase of this mattress set. The Sears salesman asked if I had a bed frame (non-specific) and that was all of the information asked or provided (prior to him taking my money)!

I am extremely upset because Sears is selling products and not explaining to the customer what is necessary in order not to void warranty on the product. In fact, there is absolutely NO information on the tags (affixed to the mattress set) that state anything pertaining to a specific type of bed frame necessary for proper warranty upkeep of the product; nor was there any warranty information provided by Sears. I was only told to call Sears if I ever had a problem with the bed.

I am using a standard Queen size bed frame and (again) there was no information provided via literature (in-hand warranty; care instructions; do's and don'ts sheet, etc...) that stipulates the necessity of using a 5-legged (4-post; center bar w/leg) bed frame.

Sears refuses to acknowledge that they should have trained their associates (salesman) in such matters as to making sure that their customers are provided vital information; in order to make an informed decision regarding the sale.

I was already spending $600+ on the Mattress Set..... Being provided proper warranty information regarding the bed frame would have cost pennies more toward the purchase of an approved type of bed frame, in comparison to now having to purchase an entirely NEW mattress set, just 1.5yrs after my original purchase!

I am so very disappointed in Sears, their lack of information disclosure, lack of employee training, and their uncaring attitude towards a situation that could have been totally averted had proper care towards the customer's needs had been shown in the first place.

My husband's part-time job is the ONLY income we have. We cannot afford to replace this 1.5yr old mattress set, and are forced to sleep in a bed that sags almost 2" (inches) deep [according to the measurements provided to Sears]. When we are able to afford another mattress set, it definitely won't be from Sears or Sealy!!

This situation has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding a store that I have always thought of as being "old school" quality, concerning its customer service, products, and care. I will NOT use SEARS for any of my shopping needs in the future!!

Monetary Loss: $634.

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