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My 77 year old mother purchased an electric furnace heat pump from Sears. It was installed 9-9-10.

It stopped working and she got a $350 electric bill. She called for service and when the technician got there he told her it would be $1,600 to fix it because she doesn't have a warranty. She pulled out all of her paperwork from the time of purchase and found the warranty that states she has a 10 year warranty. I have been on the phone, on the website, and emailing back and forth with several Sears "customer service" people.

They will not admit the mistake in their system and continue to insist that she does not have a warranty, when we have paperwork stating otherwise. I have been fighting with them since February 10, 2017 trying to get this resolved. My mother is too upset to deal with them. Every day that they waste not honoring the warranty is costing her more money.

She is on a fixed income and cannot afford for them to be playing around like this. This is absolutely the worst I have ever dealt with! I remember a time when Sears used to care about their customers, and doing the right thing. That is certainly not the case now!

I even tried contacting corporate, no response.

I feel we have no choice but to file a lawsuit against them. And if we have to do that, she will be asking for a lot more than just parts!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Heat Pump.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Fix the furnace and honor the warranty.

Sears Cons: Bad customer service, Will not honor warranty, Given the run around over and over.

  • Bad Customer Service
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These shysters have already devised other ways too to get out of honoring warranties. I have a 8 mo old Kenmore range and the electronic panel that controls the oven and everything else just went out.

They sent a repairman out to try and find a way out of honoring their warranty. They took the back panel off and found some roach droppings and refused to honor the warranty! They are going out of business because their products and business ethics are no longer the same ones as my grandfather told me they were. They are a dishonorable business now.

I have all kenmore appliances, none more than 2 years old. I will never buy anything Kenmore again!


She only has a one year warranty for labor. Can't you read?


We aren't looking for labor! We are only asking that they honor the 10 year warranty on parts!

Can't you read? ***


What brand is the furnace? If you have the parts warranty, a certified dealer or repairman for that brand should be able to honor your parts warranty.

I'm in the HVAC field, we do that all the time.

Call around. You might not have to go through Sears since you will be paying labor regardless.


Rude *** remark


Ummmm I hate to say it but do you know how to read? That warranty specifically states it is for 1 year from the date of purchase.

That means if she purchased in 2010 the warranty ended in 2011.

Before pitching a fit at customer service people perhaps you should learn to read!?! Just a suggestion!!


Dear Anonymous smart ***!!! Right back at you.

You need to learn to read!!!

The warranty states under "Equipment Warranty" that it is 10 years on parts to the original owner.

This is based on the model number which begins with N4H3 (See line 5). They are telling her the warranty ended in 2015, but she is the original owner, so the warranty on parts is 10 years.


Yes, parts are covered but labor is not.


Yes, that is absolutely correct. The problem is they are not honoring the warranty on parts. We have no problem paying for the labor.