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Model # 11047789701

Ser # CSU 4409110

Defective Part # W10156252

Per The Sears's parts department (Defective Part # W10156252) is only available to me if I pay for a technician to come and visit me at a cost of 130.00 plus 111.00 for the part. This is due to the fact that my part is no longer available and preferential treatment for the remaining parts goes to service appointments. I was told for only another 80.00 I could get an extended warranty in case it breaks again. We take great care of our washer that was top of the line sears carried 3.5 years ago. I have gone on line and seen that this has been an ongoing problem (error sud the error f35) for years. I am dissatisfied that a washer so new would not have parts available unless I'm willing to pay a 130.00 service call. Shame on Sears. I have been a loyal Sears customer for decades but this is unacceptable customer service.

Harry B

P.S. I also found on line that my defective water level control switch (part# W10156252) has a replacement part (W10415587) available at sears for 84.35 but no one in the parts department will tell you that. There only option is for a technician to come and visit me at a cost of 130.00 plus 111.00 for the part.

From an expert online

(The latest information that we have for the correct part number of the water level pressure switch on that model of HE5t washer is that it should use part W10415587.

I understand your concern about all of the different information that you have received regarding this part. I carefully checked the current technical information and the part W10415587 is correct.

If you need more help, let us know.)

Monetary Loss: $900.

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You've definitely done your research and did your part to find the missing part, but is Sears really to blame here? I can understand why sending a technician with the part would be a wise idea rather than entrusting the part to you; they would be able to install it for you with no issue.

Have you already contacted a store manager on the issue? Have you tried contacting the washer/dryer manufacturer?

And if all else fails, how about contacting the Better Business Bureau ( if things don't work out?

Good luck!