My fiance works in a Sears Auto Center. He just approached his boss today and asked him for a couple specific days off with one being a month away and the other being almost 2 months away.

His boss informed him that by doing that he is just causing problems for everyone. When my fiance explained that he would be escorting me to my prenatal doctors appointments, his boss was sure to let him know that he really didn't care and that we need to work around his schedule. This is really hard to do as he only makes the schedule 1 week at a time and has never made one in advance. He also asked his boss about what would happen if there was an emergency.

He told my fiance that I would have to deal with it by myself because work is more important.

It is sad that Sears feels as though family is not a priority. They need to be more up front about the fact that work comes first and your family and health come second.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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