Let me start off by saying that I was previously an extremely loyal customer of Sears for over 20 years. I have numerous products that I have bought from Sears in my house now and in th epast have recommended Sears products and service to friends and family. With that said I will NEVER shop at this store again.

I have heard stories about recent complaints with Sears customer service, but was never affected by it and had never had any problems what so ever. Over the last 2 months I have had major problems with getting products repaired and with customer service.

First, my washer stopped working. I called Sears to have it repaired. At that time I was given 2 options for the repair. One was a lower amount that would cover up to a certain amount and i would have to pay any additional fees. The other was a higher price, but would cover all costs associated with the repair and included a one year warranty and guaranteed a replacement if not fixed. I chose the latter, and 2 months later still waiting to have it finally completely fixed. On the first visit, the tech came out and exchanged some parts. My mother had asked him to stay to make sure it worked, but he said he turned it on and it will. He left. She then went on to use it and it stopped working at the same spot it did before, when iit came to the rinse and spin. I immediately called Sears to tell them the problem and the fact that the tech left without making sure it was fixed. They said he could not come back and rescheduled for 2 WEEKS later. Another tech comes this time and changes some parts and stays this time to make sure it works. it works when he's there. The next day the same problem arises. I call Sears again and tell them about the problem, and they say another 3 weeks till they can come out. I try explaining the situation and no luck at hung up on a couple times. I write a letter to Sears customer complaints and never received any response. So the guy comes out again and changes some parts and again says it will work. THIS time he says he'll leave the ticket open to make sure it works, so if problem he can come back. Again 2 days later the same problem. This time he comes back a couple days later and at this point I'm like just let us purchase another washer as stated in warranty. During this time I had contacted Customer Service and was fed different stories about the tech makes that decision, he has to come out at least 4 times before they do that. Need less to say it's a lot of passing the buck as the tech said he can't make that decision. So now he says he's sure that the wire is over heating at he needs to replace that and should have done that first. Now the appointment was made for two weeks later and is scheduled to arrive in 3 days. I hope this is the end of this long process, in which I've had to go out to laundromats and spend money.

Next my snow thrower starter went and I had the protection plan on this from the start. 2 years ago I had the same problem and it was resolved quickly. No problems. This time, the first time I called the rep told me they no longer service my area. I said "I have a protection plan agreement and you're telling me you don't cover my area...so the money I spent on a plan is no good." I tell her I want to talk to someone about this and get pulled on hold then hung up on. I call back and talk to someone else. He says we have an opening in 3 weeks. Although 3 weeks is a long time I can live with it.

The day before the repair, I get a call saying they have to reschedule and set a date over 4 weeks out. The day the repair is to be done is Dec. 31. I call to find out what happened. One person tells me that they made a maistake and that the techs is not working that day. I try to talk to someone to tell them that they messed up and need to take care of this immediately, and they say I need to call the next day, as that dept. is closed. I call the next day and I get hung up on as they say they are only working half days and am lucky that they rescheduled because I have a warranty. I want to speak to someone else and get hung up. i am fuming at this point.

I will never shop at Sears again due to their customer service. Being hung up on and not listened to is completely unacceptable. I've been able to somewhat deal with the months to get my washer fixed and the bad customer service there, but now noy only will I never shop there, I want to let everyone know how bad my experience was. From a loyal customer to be treated the way I have been blows my mind. The only thing Sears has done to help my complaint sis to extend the warranty on my washer, which still isn't fixed for another year. Still, this does nothing for me, as if I do have another problem I will go somewhere to buy one.

I have read many other complaints about Sears customer service now, and I know they are pretty much a monopoly in many parts of the U.S., but if possible save yourselves the frustration of dealing with them.

I talk to someone else and they say that there only working half days

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