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On Dec 10th I came home to a loud refrigerator. The compressor was making a racket and it was not cooling. Unplugging and then back in it would run 30 mins and start the noise. Still not cooling. I checked the manual to see a 5 year warranty on the sealed unit. I was denied the warranty by three people until finally offered a 3 month warranty to cover everything. I waited a few days as instructed and never received the warranty certificate via email promised. I called back to discover no record of me ever calling and the same argument about warranty on the compressor. I made a service appointment and called a few more times trying to resolve the misunderstanding about the cost of a house call and the labor and parts covered. I filled out a survey and received a call from a high up. She was to take ownership of the case and declare the refrigerator not repairable. She was to try to get service sooner. She never called back and we waited for service. The service tech that came on Dec 23rd arrived in an A&E Van. He told the tech he had to call that he was not familiar with this model and didn't seem to have a clue what to do. He was told to run diagnostics on the main board but couldn't get it to work. Then instructed to test the fuse. He did this with it still plugged in and there was a loud pop as he grounded out the main circuit board. He proceeds to tell us the main board will have to be replaced at $284.00. Even though the compressor was not working. He wanted to be safe and change that part. I said you mean the part you damaged and he says it wasn't working before. I told him what had been told to me and he said it doesn't work that way. He does as he is told by his boss and they don't do what sears says. The bottom line is the compressor is bad and should be repaired under warranty. There should not be this hassle. The manual says call 100 4 MY HOME for a free repair. I find they amended the warranty in Oct of 2014 to make the labor not covered. This is a Kenmore Elite $2800 refrigerator. It is made by LG. All LG models like mine are plagued with compressor failure and a flaky ice maker. My other Kenmore is made by whirlpool and over 10 years old. To only get 3 years is a joke. To have this much hassle is criminal. I been unable to get a hold of the lady that was to take this problem and fix it. I have called over 10 times and it goes to voicemail. I assume they are closed through the holidays. I am going on one month with no refrigerator. I have a letter ready for the better business Bureau and everything is documented. I have spent hours upon hours wasted trying to resolve this. I have yet to go to the store and talk to a manager. I am crossing my fingers that this lady will be back this Monday and fix this mess.


I was contacted by a new member of your team and after being questioned extensively and repeatedly told that she was trying to help me Fenique K. has caused nothing but frustration. Christine Riggle a Sales and Services Team Manager promised to do everything she could to help resolve my problem. She was very helpful and assuring that she was on the case. Fenique K. says she has taken over and is in charge of helping me but has done nothing of the sort. I spoke over several days via email but was not getting anywhere. Eventually was offered a discount on the repair that was already promised to be free of charge. She had very little information but was quick to dispel the myth that I believed I had any kind of warranty. I would have understood had the denial been consistent. Over the course of 30 mins she came up with several reasons to deny the warranty. The first was simply that there was only one year even though the manual states 5yrs. Then she explains when the ice maker was fixed 3 months after purchase that was my one and only free repair. Then the excuse was that the compressor was not part of the sealed refrigerant system the manual says was covered. After that I just kept getting interrupted and talked over with the same line that I have no warranty. I did not purchase one and that was that. I questioned further what had happened to Christine Riggle. Was she fired or just silenced by this new person from Sears who was trying to help me. I was sure that Christine Riggle would have contacted me some time but Fenique K. assured me that she had spoken with her for long time about my case. I repeated the same information that I had given in the post above. That she was so upset by the way I had been treated, talked to and lied to that she was willing to make sure personally that things were corrected. It seems that she may have overstepped what she was allowed to offer. An hour conversation with many apologies and promises have all disappeared. Fenique K has the final word. I know this because she told me. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she explained that she was the manager. I inquired about her boss, who she says is the director, but told I am not able to speak with him. He will not call or contact me. Someone else at the same department says that he does not talk to customers. I said you don't have a company without customers but was simply transferred back to Fenique K. This time after asking her why she kept changing her reasons she said that she never told me the compressor was not part of the sealed refrigerant system. I then asked her if her phone calls were recorded. Silence and then she says that she doesn't think so. I asked again to speak to her boss or another manager and was denied this request. I was told to email her with a request and her bosses would see the email. That has been done along with the promise to send documentation of each person I spoke to and the times and dates as well as a summary of each of the conversations. I never in a millions years expected to have to start over with Fenique K. She says over and over she had reviewed the case but with each bit of information I was able to provide admist her interrupting me you could hear the surprise at this new information. I requested her to recount these notes on my account, something other people had no problem doing. She would not. I asked what was said by the tech who damaged my refrigerator but did say it was the compressor and she would not say. For some reason she now wants to send another tech to diagnosis the issue. I even accused her of simply telling him to say it wasn't the compressor. She assured me that they would never do this. Hard to tell with all the lies and broken promises I have had over the past 3 weeks. I asked if there would be a Sears representative present with the tech and she said why. I said so the next guy doesn't break something else or cover up the previous damage. She told me she would send a senior tech. She is supposed to contact the manager of the tech and see why he did not note everything that happened on Dec 23rd. I am reading my above post and am not sure why it took a few emails and a conversation to have her look into the information I clearly provided. All of this research could have already been done but yet was not. I was even accused of cancelling a second tech that came on Dec 30th. The tech on the 23rd could not leave my house soon enough after damaging the control board. He never said he was coming back or that it would be the 30th. I only received an email to fill out a survey about my service on the 30th days later. I clicked to fill it out and it said it was invalid. I don't know why I thought going to MySEARS and posting would help. Fenique K the Social Media Member Experience Manager has not helped in any way. So much frustration has been caused by her taking over my case that I regret even posting here. The damage has been done. I thought Sears and Kenmore would honor their KENMORE ELITE LIMITED WARRANTY. Until now it had been barely in dispute about the repair being coverd just that it was the compressor that was bad. I can only say that Fenique K had about 15 ways to tell me NO and not one of them was the same short of her repeated statement that I have no warranty. I do have my manual that clearly states a 5 year warranty. It is in English and while it is a limited warranty all exclusions are clearly listed. As my wife put it they are simply loosing a customer. I purchased a $1500 Kenmore/Whirpool in 2005 and it has been trouble free the whole time. I purchased a $2799 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator for $1700 (On 30% Sale I can't Reproduce) and a $1000 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher for $500 at the same sale. We had planned to buy a $1500 cooktop and two separate ovens but would be fool to spend anymore money on the fantasy that is Kenmore Elite. Simply a badge over another product with a warranty they won't stand behind. I guess my mistake was not purchasing the super extended protection plan that many customers have said did not cover their compressor problem. They were only given $500 toward a new refrigerator. This is because they did not purchase a Kenmore Elite but a regular name brand. The warranty I describe is not only in my manual and other manuals but online for their current $2700 refrigerators as well. It really depends on where you look but there is a revision that clearly states labor is not covered on the Sealed Unit or the Compressors. It is clear in English. That is not what it says in my manual under the section WARRANTY. That was revised on Febuary 2014 not October 2014 as I had posted above. I am simply asking for them to honor their own warranty. Its funny that Fenique K even told me once or twice that the warranty if any that I didn't have was via the manufacturer yet my manual says Kenmore Elite at the top and Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 at the bottom. If Sears want to pay LG to build a Refrigerator for them that is between Sears and LG or Kenmore but I purchased this Refrigerator at Sears as their Kenmore brand and would never have been aware LG was even involved had the icemaker not broken shortly after purchase and the tech inform me my Refrigerator was made by LG. Sears/Kenmore continued the excuse while I waited 29 days for the part to be available. The tech says all these LG ice makers break. He personally attested to the number of calls he had been on with these defective ice makers. I wasn't happy then to have no ice from my new expensive refrigerator I was still making payments on while Sears passed the buck to LG. Guess who makes the compressor in my Kenmore Refrigerator LG. A new product that LG touts as better, makes less noise and even comes with a 10 year warranty (of course they only cover the part). $254 Compressor on Searsparts website that needs about 1000$ worth of equipment to install. They will put it in for the low price of around $700.00. That tech that damaged my control board says they are easy to install. Guess that's why some people have had 2-3 or more compressors installed on the same refrigerator. Refurbished Part? or the techs installing them? Job security? Industry wide statistics say that a replaced compressor fails at a rate of 4 times faster then the original. That is unheard of!! I am expected to pay almost half of the price paid for this refrigerator just to repair it this time. That is even with the 30% discount. Who in their right mind would pay 15000$ to fix a 30000$ car or 25$ to repair a 50$ toaster. That same money put toward a new appliance would at least carry a 1 year warranty. This can't be the only answer. Go to any website and find it full of complaints about these new linear compressors. I'm pretty certain that this post will disappear like so many other reviews on other sites that are not favorable. I will repost this on other forums. I can only hope this time that Fenique K's bosses are reading this and reach out to resolve this issue. I only have a few options left and I just want a working refrigerator that I'm not worried is gonna break again. I can only think how much fun it would be to get the compressor replaced a second time or any other part of the sealed system that fails.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Going thru this same thing right now. Same fridge.

LG sears kenmore. Nothing has changed in four years. Purchased in 2015, broken in 2019. Part covered but labor is not.

99 dollars to diagnose.

10min diagnosis. Poor company service.


Same issue with Kenmore Elite Refrig/Freezer 795.71059 NOT lasting. Bought it 3/5/2013.

It's NOT even 6 years old and going on SECOND complete rebuild. Compressor, Coils, Evaporator. We have the extended Warranty so it does not cost us money but it brings up serious quality control issues. The first time the cooling system died the unit has just reached 3 years.

Now it's been about 2 1/2 years and back starting all over with a complete new cooling system. The time between the 1st tech visit to determine the compressor and related parts need to be replaced, getting the parts and the tech back to make the actual repair is TOO long. A 2-3 week cycle. Ex.

Current compressor issue. Tech was here on Tues., 2/19. He ordered parts and said will return Mar. 6 to make the repair.

This is a known issue with these LG units so parts should be in the warehouse. With an extended warranty the repair turnaround should be LESS than a week. What do people that do NOT have a second refrigerator/freezer in their home do?

We have an older Roper-Top Freezer/Refrigerator in our garage. We turned it on and moved what we could save downstairs to that unit.

@Ken Kruz

It has been several years since the original compressor was replaced. I have over that time come up with different theories about the failure of these compressors.

First off they are very small and underpowered for the size of the fridge they are in. This is to save on electrical costs running the fridge. I would rather pay more to run the fridge then less and have to replace it every few years vs 10-30 years like the old compressors. How does this underpowered compressor cause the failure.

Simple. Grandma's fridge could cool the whole basement if you forget and leave the door open. It is easy to not close the French doors all the way. This results in the compressor running overtime or constantly to try to keep the temperature cool inside the fridge.

Not to mention if you leave both doors wide open while putting away groceries or taking out items. The doors don't close themselves either like old fridges. If you turn off the door alarm the fridge could be open all night or all day. Ventilation is a big factor.

Old fridges that collected dust on the front had the vents on the front. Considering more then 80-90% of people have their fridge in a cubby with both sides covered this made good sense. For whatever reason this is not the way they are made. There is a 6 inch opening on the back left side that is to pull cool air by one measly fan across the coils and the compressor to cool it and keep it from overloading.

The vents will collect enough dust to block it completely in less then a year. That coupled with it being shoved deep behind the fridge there is about zero air flow. Is your house hot. If you keep the thermostat up above 70 and there happens to be a vent in the kitchen it can really get hot!!

The freezer is on the bottom. With a really big drawer...that is heavy. You open it and all that weight slides out and then you close it and all that weight slides in and bangs the door shut. To compressor is right there in the back behind all that weight and slamming while it's running.

And its hot due to *** air flow Humidity. The fridge has a hard time removing moisture from the air. When it's nice out and my wife wants the windows open our freezer would get snow in it. There would be a solid ledge of ice on the bottom.

All the moisture from the house found it's way inside. Overworking the cooling system. We stopped opening the windows and it stopped. Our fridge has no wall on one side.

Luckily the same side as the vent that breathes in the cool air. Replacement compressor These replacements are shipped from Korea or China with no oil or freon inside. They are knocking around on a boat and wearing themselves out. Add that to the same factors that burnt out the fridge the first time.

Sprinkle in some human error. Maybe some refurbished parts and you get a time bomb just waiting to die. Long and short Shut your doors, clean your vents, keep it cool by all means. That and don't buy a linear compressor ever again.

It's all LG uses by the way. There is a reason your fridge is dying. It is not just a fluke. It's fragile yes but it should work.

I would even consider making a channel to the outside of the cabinet from the side with the vent to ensure cold air gets to the compressor. Update the ice maker broke just like it did the first few months of owning it. No warranty so bags of ice. Not sure I want to spend $150 for another part that will die again.

This is not specifically to you. I know it sucks. I'm glad you have a full warranty. Check it for a lemon law.

Three times for the same repair and they replace the fridge. Some people have been successfull in sueing LG in small claims court for the full price of the fridge.


I also have a Sears, Kenmore lasted exactly 48 months, I called an appliance co to check it out as I was told there were no sear service people available in my area..odd they sell here and deliver! The serviceman told me the whole "sealed unit was out" I also was reading the manufacturers warranty.(5 yrs on sealed unites) ..worthless...went through countless people from countless countries on the phone trying to get a service person, I am now waiting my second 72 hr time period for someone to call me back!

Sears is no longer the Gold Standard for anything!

Looking at a new fridge...costing almost $3,000. Will it have the same linear compressor?


Been having the same problems as I have been reading about. No more Kenmore Elite or Sears for me!


Bought my $3500 Kenmore Elite in Feb 2014 compressor failed May of 2017....between $700 to $1000 to repair not going to repair since this seems to be a major issue with their produce. Buying a kitchen-aid which has a 10 year warranty...what a waste, a beautiful Elite refrigerator with LED lighting going to the dump.

Kenmore just lost a life time customer. It seems from what I query on the Internet that LG has a compressor problem it is not addressing.

@Jeffrey Gardner

What does your original Owners manual say about the compressor warranty? I would think it was still 3 years parts warranty.

I do not recall when they had originally amended it to not include labor and then eventually only offer 1 year and no additional compressor warranty. They did eventually repair my at no cost to me and it has been almost 2 years on the replaced compressor.

The compressor was listed on Sears parts website for under $200.00. It should not be $500.00 in labor from a different local repair shop.

My receipt all said and done the compressor was $300+ and the labor was about $200.00. They replaced two circuit boards because they had damaged them. I would estimate you could get the work done for around $500.00. I know that sucks for a 3 year old refrigerator but is not much to get it fixed if you can.

Some sales specials at stores also will give you something for your old refrigerator or even call local repair shops and see if they will make you an offer.

They will fix it an resell it for a big profit. If you provide your model number and date of purchase I will look it all up and see if I can find the original warranty.


The 5-year warranty is an enforceable contract, especially if you relied on that selling point when you purchased your refrigerator. The claim that they amended the warranty without changing the text of the warranty provided with your unit is their problem, not yours.

If you show them the written warranty with your receipt and you still can't get them to honor it, you need to take them to small claims court. The lawsuit needs to be directed at the party who created the warranty. That may be LG, not Sears. Serve the registered agent for your area as the defendant.

The Better Business Bureau is a toothless private company that relies on businesses like Sears to pay them membership fees to survive. Don't expect any help from them.

In addition to small claims court, direct any complaints to the Attorney General in your state. That is more likely to result in action.


Same issues - Kenmore is ***. expensive and dies.

don't waste your money. it's ridiculous how it's such expensive garbage - sears sucks.


add me to the list of people sears has cheated.


Very simply, you have no warranty. Someone has to pay for parts and service. It won't be the manufacturer, it wont be the servicer, and it certainly wont be the retailer that sold it to you.


By the length of you post I doubt she was trying to talk over you, just trying to get a word in to get the information she needed. You seem to be the type of person that can't quit talking and let them ask a question to get any understanding of what you are rambling on about.


Actually, the compressor is NOT part of the sealed system. The sealed system is the cabinet through which the refrigeration lines run.

If there was a leak in on of those lines, it would be covered for the five years. The cabinet cannot be unsealed to repair those lines.


This is not disputed as there are several places where the components of the sealed refrigerant system are listed. The lines are sealed onto the compressor and the entire system pressurized with freon.

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