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Thank you for the refund, but I'm afraid that my experience from yesterday requires more compensation

First of all, I'm simply dismayed at the lack of customer service that sears provides. I spent over 6 hrs on the phone yesterday, trying to track down my refridgerator, much to a loss.

I ordered my refrigerator on line, from the sears, Wheaton MD store selection. It's the closest to my home, and should have provided the easiest delivery. The store manager, Derrick?, call me soon after, confirming my purchase and to offer me and extended warranty. He said that there was plenty in stock, and even that my confirmation email gave me a delivery date of June 11th, I should get it by Friday. June 11th would be the latest date for delivery.

On Friday, I hadn't heard anything new, so I called the sears outlet Wheaton store and asked about my delivery. They said they had no information, but provided me with a phone number (1-800-341-2517) to their delivery service to get a better estimate. I called the delivery service and they said that they did not plan to deliver it soon, but they would call me the night before to confirm. The delivery service promised me I would receive it by the 11th as my confirmation email reflected.

I called Monday 6/9 and Tuesday 6/10 to the delivery service to see if that they had any news. Nothing.

On Wednesday, 6/11, the last day that the confirmation email, sears store manager, and the delivery service promised me delivery, I called again to the delivery service around 10 am. The woman that answered stated that they had no plans to deliver my refrigerator, that there was something called an audit pending on my account, which means that my credit card payment had not gone thru. I was shocked and explained to her that the charged cleared my bank on June 3rd. (As expected). She they told me that there was nothing she could do for me, so I could talk to finance. I agree to talk to her finance person. After talking to the finance person, she explained that the 'pending statement on my ticket in the sears system did not mean credit card pending, that the payment went thru fine. It has something to do with this 'audit' that was flag on my sears ticket for some sort of security. She told me that she cleared up this mis-information in the system, and she was going to transfer me to their warehouse to find if my refrigerator was still there. She told me that this would be quicker then going back to the person that answered the phone for delivery. I then spoke to the person in the warehouse, who doesn't deal with customers and had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. He than asked me if this was an on line order, which I said yes to, so he transferred me to the 800- number. At this point, it's 11:30. I patiently waited for another 20 mins until I could speak to a manager, who informed me that this was and not and she couldn't help me. As my head was about to explode, she told me that if I was upset over this mix up, I should call customer solutions for sears and then hung up. I decided to call the Wheaton MD store again and see if the store manager was there to deal with this mix up first. I was informed that he was not in but I could speak to the person in the Wheaton stores warehouse. I believe his name was Darryl, and he tried to tell me that he had no idea about the delivery and that because there was no delivery date given to him, he had no reason to deliver my order. This is the peak of bad service. If the person in the warehouse has an order for a refrigerator and no delivery date, so it just sit there, how is anyone supposed to get their order? He told me that he would have it delivered tomorrow and sent an email to follow up. He called me shortly there after and told me there was a problem with my credit card, and my payment was still pending so the fridge would not be delivered, and I could call the delivery company and get it cleared up. Essentially, back to square one since this is exactly what I just did!!

At this point, I am so very upset. It is 1 pm, and I've been on the phone for 3 hours.I looked up the number on line and called customer solutions, which is what the women suggested. I spoke to a man named Tom. Tom seemed sympathetic to my situation after I explained things to him, and told me he would call the Wheaton store and delivery service and get to the bottom of it. I waited on hold for about 30 mins as he made his phone calls and he came back on the line and told me there was a problem with my credit card, and he transferred me to sears home delivery service. The woman there could do nothing since I'm a sears outlet customer so she told me she would transfer me back to Tom. I guess Tom was unavailable again, so I spoke to a woman whose name I can't remember. I re-explained everything to her and she told me she had to make a few phone calls and she's be right back. I waited for 40 mins on hold and was hung up on.

It's now 2:30 and I've been on the phone with one sears person or the other for the last 5 1/2 hours and I'm fuming. The man from the warehouse in Wheaton sent me an email to confirm that there was a problem and had attached the number to I decided to give it another shot and called that number. FINALLY, a wonderful person came on the phone named Wilma. And since at this point, I've talked to EVERYONE ELSE THAT WORKS AT SEARS lol, Wilma is the only *** person across this great nation that works for sears that KNOWS ANYTHING. She saw my 'pending' audit status and knew exactly what that was and how to fix it. She assured me that she knew nothing was wrong with the payment and that she could fix this for me and make sure my fridge was delivered tomorrow. She DID NOT PUT ME ON HOLD, but took my number, called me back promptly and fixed the problem.

I am appalled at the bad service. I just spend nearly 2,000 for a appliance, had to take a day off from work, and spent over 6 hours on the phone! It is not the customer's job to find their appliance in the warehouse, to lift an internal audit note in the internal sears ticket system or to have to fix a missing delivery date in the warehouse, when a delivery date was provided to me, the customer.

I demand that someone takes a look at this case and does more to compensate. NO ONE should have to go thru this, especially not a paying customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #827330

So what refund are you talking about? Because if the order was just completely refunded after being cancelled then no sorry you shouldn't look for anything more than 100% that is ridiculous.

Was the delivery refunded? A portion of the refrigerator?

And if they aren't willing to compensate further are you going to have them take the fridge back? That's certainly cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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