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After buying a king size mattress/base, and pedestal- had to wait over 10 days for it to get here...

Got the call from delivery guy yesterday. He had to ask ME what the delivery was even for...He did not know. We set up delivery for today between 3pm and 4 pm.

Sears store just called me after 1pm to say it was not coming today, it was damaged when it got there. It supposedly was ripped when the delivery guy picked it up this morning. Sears guy said He knew at 9am but did not want to call me that early!!! Seriously!!!!

How is that helping me!?

If i had of rec'd a call then, i could have worked or not cancelled my appts today...or not moved heavy things so they could get the mattress up the i have to move the shelves back, then move them AGAIN when they come back!!! Such a drag. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND PAIN IN MY BODY!!

That 9 am call could have solved so much inconvenience for me.

Then i am informed the manager is not in for two i call CS line...i get disconnected after calling in to complain to main Sears line...why did they take my number if they were not going to call me back when we got disconnected... Pour some more salt on my wound Sears! Wasted more of my time. Could have ordered the bed somewhere else for a little more money...but would have already been sleeping in my new bed...My time is clearly not valuable or important to Sears...just my money.

The guy from Sears that called acted like He did me a favor by ordering another one, not calling me as soon as He knew, AND that He was not going to charge me for delivery!!! Really!!! I either already paid for a delivery or it came with free delivery dare Him act like the disrespect He is showing me is somehow helping me...???

All together, bad service, and now it will be another 7 days before i get my bed! IF IT COMES THEN...does not seem i can trust them to do what they say. Why am i waiting 20 days for a bed!?!?!? Not my fault it got ripped..and if the mattress was ripped, why didnt they deliver the rest of it???Ithaca, NY

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Called at 1pm to cxl delivery when they knew at 9am...acted like It was doing me a favor waiting all day to call. I moved heavy furniture .

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