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that *** up there, is to cover a word related to ridiculous.

Original review posted by user Jul 27, 2011

I only took like five minutes to get what I needed WITH help from one of the employees. In the end, that same person didn't help me with my purchase, instead, he sent me somewhere else, but the people there also refused to help.

So they sent me running upstairs, and there was NO ONE THERE. I was literally yelling "IS THERE ANYONE OPEN HERE?!" and when I came back downstairs, because I gave up and was putting it away, the three cashiers, asked me if I had found someone. Holding back the tears, I just told them no and quietly put back the item.

I mean, is it truly difficult...to turn on your cash register, give me the receipt, and let me be on my way?!

And, they were laughing, it was ***. I don't blame Sears for most of it, but I do blame them for hiring such imbeciles that enjoy watching two sixteen year old kids run around looking for a cash register.

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Actually they can't just turn on a register and give you the register. Most likely they need an approval to get the register to come on, especially if it had to be restarted.


Perhaps a little more detail would help others to better understand what happened to you.