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Our lawnmower has been returned to SEARS three times in less than a year; we have used the lawnmower less than 20 times. The first time (after six uses) they charged me for a new battery and clutch assembly.

The second time (within six weeks) it went back; this time they kept it 6 weeks and replaced the entire wiring assembly. It was returned in December long after mowing season was over; I tried to start it in April and had to return it for the same problem. Now they told me they have to charge me for a tune up? The lawnmower should last more than 15 uses before a tune up.

The turn around time fr the "service department" is ridiculous; at this rate, my Extended Service Contract which I paid extra for will expire before I use the machine 25 times.

I can't exercise the "No Lemon Clause" in the contract because it states the machine has to be repaired four times for the same issue within twelve months and for some reason, the "service department" keeps my machine for weeks on end. When I told the "service rep" I refuse to pay for a tune up, he hung up on me.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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you're obviously doing something very wrong with your mower.

as someone who works in a place that offers repair services I can tell you this is the problem 9/10 of the time is CUSTOMER abuse/misuse/neglect of the machine in question.

as to the tuneup problem that's very incorrect. I've seen people need a tuneup in much less time.

a tuneup is not something that's normally covered by ANY warranty anywhere that I've ever seen unless they have something in theirs specifically that says it does cover it normally.

I tell customers a tuneup is something YOU the CUSTOMER should be doing on your OWN anyways without worry of affecting your warranty. it consists generally of an oil change, spark plug, air filter (if one is present on unit) anything else is would fall under another category.

blade changes for instance? not that you mentioned it mind you for just for example are NOT covered and would be a charge for that.

one thing you didn't mention which would be helpful too is when did you bring it back the time they kept it for 6 weeks? was it during peak season time?

I know here we have customers getting grumpy it's taking more than a few days when they're told up front it could be anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on if the repair can be done in house or if it's gotta be sent to our repair center out of state. they actually get mad that THEY forgot it was told to them and that THEY signed the paperwork where it states this fact.

so in closing get off your high horse. learn to do tuneups yourself you'll save $$$ in the end and stop trying to put everything off on their repair service you obviously use the machine a lot so what do you expect?

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