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I will never buy another product from Sears ever-they have the worst customer service I have ever came in contact with-First this joke of a service they have-I had to take the morning off from work to wait around for them-Not sure if they are coming from Canada or what-they gave me a timeline of 8-12-1130 called them -it takes 2 days for them to find your account-then they tell me they have a previous phone number on my account I explained to this dip that I have spoken to 2 different to update my information-Not sure she even understands english-then after I tell her I am very upset -she puts me on hold and says she called dispatch and he is on his way?? I received a call 10 minutes later-he will be here in 45 minutes-now I could of had a local repairman here this morning but no I *** work and wait around-not to mention it takes them 3 weeks or more to get you set up with a repairman! Not impressed-if they are that backlogged they should hire more people-my washer is a piece of junk as well and they will not stand behind because I didnt purchase a warranty-my washer is only a year old-I shouldnt be held hostage to purchase a warranty-they should stand behind their products!!!UGH

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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cust service for sears is in India. Best way to get fast service is befriend a repairman that works for them and then go thru them to get the appointment.

They can get you an appt usually within a few days. Yes sears repair is understaffed and underpaid. They expect the repairmen to work long hours, get 100% first trip repairs and do up to 10-14 calls a day depending on where you are at. This causes the repairman once he gets to your house to work faster and for a younger repairman maybe misdiagnose it.

The stress put on a repairman is extreme. Faulty computer equipment and wrong service order info or lack of it makes the job take longer. Their repairmen can't even order electronic boards or controls without authorization from a higher source. Had one with a hole burnt thru it.

The higher source told repairman to replace a different part and wouldn't authorize the board. Repairman argued and replaced the board anyway. Said he will get in trouble but he fixed the machine. If sears would let the repairmen do their job without the handcuffs then they could do a better job like they used to.

Remember that survey they call you with after the repairman leaves. well that survey only regards to the repairman that was working on your appliance. Not the company or way the call was handled by Sears. Take in mind that this repairman can be terminated if they get to many bad surveys.

If they fixed your machine give them a good survey. If they did a great job with your repair call their local personell office and tell them also. It will make that repairman more willing to come back and do a great job again should you ever need them again.

As for the warranty on your mach. call the manufacturer for a concession if it is just out of warranty.

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