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I renewed my Home Maintenance Agreement in May 2020 and they jumped from $749 to $1000 for 20 items. They have been going from bad to worst this year they have done nothing for they're money.

I should have known better when I was out of a cooktop during the most important holiday Thanksgiving &;;;;;;;;;;;; Christmas I had to talk to the Escalations Department in order to have my cooktop replaced. But here I go again renewing with this Company after they repeatedly canceled appointment after appointment last year and this year they charged an extravagant amount and service is deplorable. They have customer service reps that barely speak English and do not understand anything you explain to them.. This year Sears really got over the only service call that was handled was repairing a trash compactor that only breaks down because it is a Sear product and it is cheaply constructed, a dishwasher repair that they outsourced to some Company that I never heard of and was not my choice, they ordered the wrong part and even after I strictly told them only use Sears repairmen they still switched me at the last minute and tried to send Repair King???.

I could have used my $1000 and bought a new trash compactor and dishwasher for the hassle I get from Sears. The straw that broke the camels back was this February 2021 when my husband attempted to heat up a pot of soup on our Sears Elite cooktop. The cooktop under the pot cracked (scared the *** out of us) we have it on video since I have a security camera located in the kitchen pointed towards that direction. I called them immediately and was scheduled an appointment the following Saturday (which I was astonished when I have never been scheduled that soon before).

Some technician from Sears that I have never seen before came in acted like he didn't want to be here, barely spoke went to the kitchen and immediately came up with "its not covered, this is an impact". I am not crazy I know what an impact means. I told him I have video and he refused to look at it he was in such a hurry to get out of my house. Never heard from anyone from Sears.

A month went past and still not a single call. I wrote to BBB and they finally sent a message to BBB with the lie that the Sears tech had told them and they never gave me the satisfaction of a phone call for confirmation. When I called them to try to send someone out here so I can show them my video the lady hung up on my husband and said they were not repairing or replacing this cooktop. I have been without a cooktop for over 2 months now.

This is rude and unacceptable all because of an irate techniciann who went back and said it was done by an "impact". I couldn't believe they could not call me concerning this repair but yet had the audacity to ask me if I was renewing my Agreement. I now have to take the money I save for my Home Protection Agreement and spend it on replacing my cooktop. Rest assured it will not a Sears brand.

I like everybody else am glad they're stores have gone bankrupt and I am going to fight for my money they took from me last year under false pretenses. I'm hearing it is a different Company that's servicing people.. This is the way they treat a customer that have been with them for over 30 years and have bought a lot of they're appliances.

Expensive lesson learned. I was so apprehensive of joining them again last year after hearing they were going bankrupt.

User's recommendation: Stay from this Company there are tons of complaints on they're Home Protection warranty Service.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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