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Purchased Kenmore whole house humidifier from and used it for 3 months before it stopped working. Took it to local Sears Service and Repair who sent it to the main repair store in Maryland.

3 weeks later, received call that humidifier was repaired and ready for pickup. Took box home, unwrapped it and discovered it contained a large microwave. Took said microwave back to service center, who in turn, ascertained that the Maryland repair store had put my humidifier in a box for a microwave repair belonging to a customer residing in PA, and the PA person's microwave in my humidifier box and sent to me in VA. Maryland repair store contacted me 3 days later and said that my humidifier was in the process of being shipped back to them in Maryland so they could send it back to the technician a second time around ( apparently, it was put in the microwave box before even being looked at) to look at it and make any necessary repairs.

6 weeks later from date of initial drop-off to service center, got call from local service center that humidifier was finally back in the right state/city and repaired (all under warranty). Happily picked up humidifier from repair shop and took it home and promptly filled it with water....only to find water gushing from the rear bottom castor.

Apparently, while traversing the East Coast, my humidifier was manhandled and the tray where the rear castor is located was cracked...rendering it useless. Called customer complaint hotline, who assured us a replacement tray will be sent out to us and we should receive it Monday...just in time for the warm spring VA weather when a humidifier is not needed.

Monetary Loss: $142.

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