We invited Sears to give us an estimate for new windows. After getting the bid from their salesman, we told him we may let him know the next day. He then offered a $800.00 dollar discount if we would buy on the spot. We stated we would not make a decision until the next day on a $11,000 dollar sale. He informed us the discount was only valid at the time of the offer and would not be valid the next day. We did not sign. Two days later, we received a phone call from Sears stating if we would let another salesman visit and remeasure, they would offer a price much-much better than the original $800.00 dollars. We politely advise them, we do not do business with companies that do business in this manner. The reason, we always shopped at Sears was because we felt we always received fair pricing for what we were buying. But, that feeling has gone and we now consider Sears a sleazy company to do business with.

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