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I recently purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Sears’ website. Since making that purchase, I’ve become convinced that Sears’ customer service has no interest in actually offering any real service to their customers. Because in Sears’ eyes, it’s Sears that’s always right, not their customer.

Let me start from the beginning…

My wife and I recently moved in to a new home and needed to purchase a washer and dryer. We had originally placed an order through Lowe’s, but Lowe’s was having a lot of problems received the machines from Samsung, so I decided to cancel that order and place a new order through Sears because Sears had the machines already in stock and were able to deliver them within a couple days. We had to spend a bit more money by going through Sears, but it seemed worth it to not have to wait any longer to get the machines.

I initially placed my order with Sears on the evening of February 24, 2016. The order included a Samsung washer, Samsung dryer, a dryer plug and vent hose, water hoses for the washer, and a Samsung stacking kit (since the machines were to be stacked in a laundry closet). Within an hour, I received an e-mail from Sears stating that my order had been cancelled due to an error in their system. Not a big deal, technology fails all the time for no reason what so ever. So I went ahead and I placed my order again and actually managed to find a slightly better deal by purchasing the washer and dryer as a pair, so I was feeling pretty good and even a little grateful for the error. I requested to have the items delivered on Saturday and was charged a small fee for the weekend delivery. Since then, I’ve had nothing but problems with Sears.

I received a call on Friday evening stating that my machines would be delivered between 8am and 10am. I woke up early on Saturday so I could make sure everything was ready for the delivery team when they arrived. At 8:25am I received a phone call from the Sears delivery department informing me that my dryer had been dented and they would not be delivering it today. Having worked at Sears for a few years, and knowing that it was (at least at some point in time) Sears policy to offer damaged machines to their customers at a discounted price, I was fairly angry that the delivery had been cancelled without asking me if I still wanted the machine. After a very long call with customer service, I finally spoke with a supervisor who was able to offer me a gift card for the trouble, and re-scheduled my delivery for Monday after 6pm, because we both work and aren’t able to be home any earlier than that. Ok, fine.

Sunday evening, I receive a call from Sears delivery informing me that the delivery window was from 1:30 – 3:30, failure number 2. After a call with Sears, they rescheduled my delivery for Tuesday after 6, assuring me that the delivery would actually occur after 6. So I rush home on Tuesday, and the delivery team arrives right at 6. The driver informs me that they do not have a dryer on their truck and it’s not listed on their order sheet, but they do have the dryer cable, vent and stacking kit. So now I’ve gone from frustrated to furious. I’ve taken time out of my day twice, left work early to be home in time to receive the delivery, and Sears fails to come through, again. After another very lengthy phone call, the delivery is rescheduled for Thursday evening, also promising again that the delivery team would arrive after 6 pm. The supervisor also assured me that we would be receiving a refund on our order for $70. I still haven’t received that $70. I confirm with her that the order contains the washer and dryer, dryer cord, dryer vent, and the stacking kit.

Anyway, Wednesday evening, I get the automated call again confirming the 6pm delivery time. Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30, I receive a voicemail from Sears telling me their delivery team will arrive in the next half hour. Since I was at work over an hour away, obviously there was no way for me to be home before 5. So I place another angry call to Sears delivery, they tell me that they will have the delivery team wait and they will arrive by 6. So I rush home again, arriving home by about 5:40, and I wait. Finally, at 6:40 I call Sears again, I’m told that since I didn’t answer the phone, the delivery was cancelled. Now I’m about ready to lose it. I get a supervisor on the phone again and after a good 15 minutes of her repeating the same thing over and over again, she finally agrees to contact the warehouse and they will have the team come back and deliver the machines. She confirms that she has spoken to the team and they are on their way. So we wait, and wait, and wait some more. Finally, at 9:15, I call Sears again. Now I’m irate. I finally get another supervisor on the phone, and they have no record of anyone telling me that the delivery team would be returning, and that they will not be coming back tonight. After another 30 minute phone call, going back and forth with no explanation as to why someone had lied to me about the delivery, I agreed to have the machines delivered on Friday, and was told I would be receiving a call with the delivery window.

Around 9:30 Friday morning, having not received a call from Sears, I called them to get my delivery window. I was told that I did not have a delivery scheduled for Friday, but they could schedule one for Saturday. Since I was at work, I didn’t have the time to sit around for another 30 minutes and argue with them, so I agreed to the Saturday morning delivery, I also made sure to confirm with her that all of the items are going to be on the truck, and my machines will both arrive and be installed. I get the automated call Friday evening with a delivery window of 8:15 – 10:15. Fine.

6:50am Saturday morning, I get a call from the delivery team, they’ll be arriving in about 20 minutes. An hour early, no time to wake up and get ready, but at least they’re finally on their way. So the team shows up, we go up to where the machines will be installed, and the guy is confused by the fact that I want the machines stacked. Turns out, it’s because there is no stacking kit in their order so they’re unable to install them. Amazing. The delivery driver puts me on the phone with his supervisor who confirms there is no stacking kit on the order and offers no options to resolve the problem, just tells me that I’ll have to reschedule the delivery. Not wanting to risk having another botched delivery, I have the team leave the machines so I at least have those in my possession.

The guys leave, I get on the phone with Sears again. This time I don’t even bother explaining the situation to an agent, I just ask for a supervisor, after the third request she transfers me to someone. The supervisor informs me that there was a mistake in the order and the stacking kit was on a different truck and we were the third stop for them, they were expected to arrive between 8:15 – 10:15. Seems legit since that was my original delivery window.

So 10:30 rolls around, still no delivery. I call Sears again. I spend 40 minutes on the phone, roughly 30 of that on hold. The agent tells me there is no second delivery, and can’t offer any explanation as to why someone would have told me that. She also informs me that the stacking kit was never on my order and if I wanted one I would have to order one and have it shipped out to me. Transfer to supervisor. After about a 40 minute hold, supervisor finally gets on the phone. Still refuses to offer any explanation about the second delivery, tells me again (probably about 5 times during a 5 – 6 minute conversation) that the kit was never ordered. I placed that order myself, it was ordered.

She transfers me to the on-line department, who basically tells me that same story. After a total of 2 hours on the phone, we finally agree to have Sears deliver the stacking kit on Sunday and the team will install the washer and dryer. The supervisor promises she has checked with the delivery team and they will definitely be here on Sunday, and we can expect a call between 6pm and 9pm with the delivery window. I still go no explanation as to why I was told it was being delivered today, and no one that I spoke to has any concern at all that I was lied to. There was also no consideration for the fact that the stacking kit was in my original order, there was no apology for the mistake, just the supervisor placing blame on me and taking no responsibility what so ever.

It’s now 11pm on Saturday, I have not received a call from Sears with my delivery window.

It’s now been over a week since I placed my order. This entire ordeal has been a mind blowing failure on the entire customer service department at Sears. I have been lied to on multiple occasions, I have been left on hold for a ridiculous amount of time, and not a single person has offered and real assistance or made any effort to follow through and make sure our case is being taken care of. I’ve been treated as though I’m the one who has caused all of these issues, and I’m beyond sick of dealing with Sears.

I’m angry, I’m frustrated, I’m stressed. I have never witnessed such a blatant disregard for quality of service. No one at Sears has made any attempt to contact me, in fact they seem to do what ever it takes, including lying, to get me off the phone when I call them. This isn’t even about a washer and dryer anymore, this is about a company that has no concern for their customer, and is completely unwilling to treat me with any sort of decency and respect.

I’m baffled and speechless. Shame on you Sears.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Price.

I didn't like: Missed promised delivery and customer service call handling, Lack of professionalism of staff, Lack of respect, Lack of communication.

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Sorry for your ordeal but I'm glad to see that I am not alone in my frustration with Sears. Mine involves service, or lack of on a 6 mo.

old LG washer. First two appointments, time was taken off work & no one shows. We received all the automated calls saying our Tech would be there in 20 min. Two people were needed on service call but not scheduled due to the washer & dryer being stacked.

Don't call, just don't show up & go home for the day. When someone finally shows up on the third appointment, parts are ordered & delivered to us. The fourth time, the day they are to be installed, the new Tech says the noise the washer is making is normal, takes the parts & leaves!!! Still no repair, no satisfaction, JUST FRUSTRATION!!

My suggestion to you is that you return the washer & dryer and start all over with someone else.

It's not worth the few $$ you may have saved. God help you if you ever need service!!

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