Woodbury, New Jersey

1. I Ordered a Lawn Tractor part online.

Sears will not redeem their own Shop Your Way Reward Points on Sears Parts. These points were earned at Sears so why not allow them towards Sears parts? I ordered the part anyway with expedited shipping ($22) and received an email reading that they were out of stock. The web site confirmed the in-stock order.

The email stated that it was now "back-ordered". I called and asked them why they would "back-order" an item that a customer ordered with expedited shipping. I found the part almost at once on Ebay as several small business were in-stock and ordered it. The "kicker" was that the part showed up the next business day!

I had to return it. These guys have no idea what is going on. No wonder this company is losing market ground daily and had such a terrible first quarter loss!


2. Still trying to reedeem my Shop Your Way points as my daughter needed two tires.

Found and ordered two online, reedemed my points with a confirmed ship to store for free pickup in 5 to 7 days. Once again received an email stating the tires were "out of stock" with an option to call them to reorder another style. I called and spoke to a young lady who finally found tires for me (after trying 4 other styles that were also out of stock). When giving her my Sears card information she informed me that she could not redeem my "Shop Your Way" points on a telephone order.

When I asked why she explained that it was not allowable due to their "automated ordering system". I tried to order the style she found for me online for delivery to my local Sears and once again received an email that they were "out of stock". One and one-half hours trying to spend my money and redeem my rewards points from $4300. worth of previous purchases and their in-stock situation and automated ordering system prevents it in addition to ineffective customer assistance who can only advise me to "Have A Great Day!".

Why don't this company just go out of business now while the economy/real estate market is improving. They will get more for their property than their business is worth and make many people (except their employees and their families) happy.

I just can't deal with them anymore. Who would want to?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Rewards Program.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Sear has the worst reward card out there , I could not order my reward gift cards on line the web site would not let me log on. so I used the phone, After the lady read the lists of card I could get

I decided to get some movie theater card.

My kids go to the movie.

She never mention they would be more than an hour drive away,that the gas getting there and back would cost more what the ticket here would cost. There there was only 3 theater that accept this card in northern Calif.,I also got a gas card for a gas station that I don't usually use because their prices are so high.My Sear card charge me more than my other cards and the reward suck.I will no longer be using their card.


Amen. Once upon a time Sears and/or Kmart couldn't be beat.

Now it's a wonder they can open their doors daily.

I agree - close up shop and go away. You're just the outline of the shadow...

:upset :eek 8)