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This is the second time I have experienced horrible experience with the Sears/Kmart Shop Your Way rewards. Last year I placed one order through Sears/Kmart for many items and attempted to use my rewards balance but was unsuccessful and believed I had committed an error in my order process. My order was also very late, had missing items and took almost 3 months for a refund of products that were never shipped to me after taking my payment and no notification of out of stock items was received.

My second attempt to use the online ordering system and use my Rewards through the Shop Your Way program today has been just as bad. I logged into my account to shop to make sure I used my rewards this time as I had some expiring today and wanted to be sure to get the benefit of money I already spent at their stores. I was perplexed at how the rewards would be applied but followed the steps of the order process. Upon choosing my items and putting in my payment information (which it requested before it would allow previewing my order). I had a note at the top of the screen with a check box marked to apply my rewards. The right hand section with my order information told me to have my PIN ready, which I did. The message stated that the rewards would be applied after the order was placed. I thought this was again odd, but went ahead and placed the order. Immediately the system took me to an order confirmation page with no other way to include my rewards information and had charged me the entire amount of the purchase without applying the rewards.

I attempted to use the chat service and the phone customer service immediately after placing the order. I spent almost 2 hours with the customer service, order department, and rewards departments who were all unable or unwilling to assist with getting the rewards added to my purchase as they stated they cannot add awards to an order already placed (even though this is what the system had indicated). I asked if there was a way to get a refund on rewards that were not applied at least in part as a number of them were expiring today and that was my entire reason for making a purchase today. I was informed there was nothing they could do.

This will be the last purchase we make online through Kmart/Sears as we want to shop with honest vendors and eCommerce solutions that work. As a professional Internet Marketing and Web Development Operations Director, I am highly disappointed in the lack of customer care, concern, or ability to assist when errors occur on their side due to technological inadequacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Rewards Program.

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