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Sears = Minor disaster.

My advice - AVOID THEM!!!

Detail? - Click on my Profile Name (ShitOn) to read the whole sorry story.

(Pissed Consumer complaints must be a minimum of 100 words so here are a few short ones to fill the rest of the submitted text; Worst, poorest, rubbish, disaster, deceive, mislead, disgrace, rude, arrogant, brazen, charlatans, sharks, bully boys, misinform, misrepresent, distort, taken in, offensive, unhelpful, useless, not ready to give a hand, of no use, misleading, rogue, fraud, scam, hoax, ignored, unheeded, snubbed, disregarded, mistreated, take no notice of, close your eyes to the facts, ******, …)


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With 350,000 employees you would think that at least some of them might be employed sorting out customer issues. It appears not, or else Sears don't believe any customer issues are their responsibility.

Either way, they have been a disgrace.

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