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bought new washer&dryer set Apr,2012. Took dryer out of box, hooked it up, crash, boom, bang, opened door, drum not attached to dryer.

Called repair, 10 days later, no loose screws or bolts in box or anywhere. Serviceman assembled on site. Dec.2012, crash, boom, bang again while drying clothes, opened door, drum is warped, off track, has dents from underside. Call repair, appt.

in 9 days, meanwhile, new drum drop-shipped to home. Repair came, opened box of new drum, can't use, has same dents in it plus a pointed dent. Repair said dmgd from shipping. Not true, it is obvious it passed thru quality in mfg, but never should have.

Box was packed good, small damage spot on box on corner where there were 5 layers of cardboard, no dmg. to side of box, impossible to say it was from shipping. next appt. 10 days.

have made 5 trips to laundrymat for drying clothes.

Repair was going to use that drum till I noticed the dents. Sears refuses to compensate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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