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This is an email I sent to Sears Holding Company regarding a recent experience with applying for a job at K-mart.

Approximately one week ago, I filled out an online application for a position at K-mart in Crystal River, FL. After taking an assessment, I was asked if I would like to schedule an interview, at which time I selected from a list of available times. I then received an email stating that my interview at the Crystal River K-mart was scheduled for today, November 17, 2011 at 11:30 AM. Today, I showed up at K-mart, prepared for an interview only to be told that the hiring manager was not available, and that no one there knew anything about an interview. I was told to leave my name and number, and I would be called when the hiring manager came in the afternoon. I was told she would be in at noon, but that she would have "other things to do first, so she may not call right away."

I understand that the job market is tough, and that I should be grateful for any opportunity that I get, but I am really disappointed at this experience. I did all that I was suppose to do: I showed up on time, dressed in proper attire, with resume in hand, only to be told to go away, and that I would be called when it was convenient for the hiring manager to call. What about my inconvenience? I'm assuming that most, if not all, your applications are done via computer, either online or in the store. It does not make sense that someone did not receive the information concerning my interview. I put my best foot forward, or at least intended to; unfortunately, K-mart and its staff did not.

I look forward to your response concerning this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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I doubt you were a Sears manager since you can't spell apologize. I think they are only weeding out those who can't spell.


Retired Sears manager,

The reply to my post was NOT from me, but from some scammer. I did go to the interview on the correct day at the correct time. I have contacted the site to have the "imposters" comments removed.


you sure wanted that job bad,did not even have the incentive to have the time right,posted this complaint and did not even have the balls to appoligize.Go apply some were else.The company is weeding out associates like you.THE COMPANY WANTS PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE.