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To all my former Sears customers,

I would like to start off this New Year with a sincere apology. I estimate that there are thousands of you. I am a very attractive and tall woman with spiky hair and beautiful green eyes. As a cancer survivor, and recently being diagnosed with other pre-cancerous conditions, I wish to make this apology. It is weighing down on my soul.

It was a job requirement and demanded by Sears for employees to sign up as many Sears credit card customers as possible on a daily basis. There was a small financial incentive to the employee that secured each new credit card – but a tremendous incentive to Sears for us to acquire each one. In fact, it was so important for Sears to sign up new credit cards, that district managers and their supervisors called every day to see what the new credit card numbers were. Long time employees were brought to the manager’s office to review their monthly credit card stats. The employee was sometimes told they must get their numbers up – credit card applications, product “protection” warranties, and merchandise replacement agreements – or be fired. Some of my co-workers were brought to tears during these one-on-one meetings.

I am sure that so many of you left Sears unaware that you had just opened a credit card because of the sneaky, manipulative way that this was done. I hope you have looked at your bill and see the way the $15 you saved (when opening the card) is now costing you 25% interest. I was also affected as a Sears customer; when Sears tried to convert me from a Sears card to a Sears Master card without my permission. This was supposed to be a convenience for me… what a surprise that Sears would try and get 25% interest on all my purchases outside of SEARS!

What a shame that Sears cannot make money on their products and craftsmanship that once had them as a leading retailer… back in the day.

I hope by providing this information, you can decide for yourself whether you and your family should remain as Sears credit card holders.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Replacement.

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That is an unrealistic expectation to impose on emplyees. You should all get together and contact an attorney to see if a class action lawsuit is applicable.


This is so true. I am also a sears employee.

I have seen coworkers with 35+ years in FIRED because they didn't *** enough people into signing up for credit cards.

I couldn't agree with you more.


Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #768670

I, for one, am paying off my card and want nothing further to do we this store ever again. I have been a faithful cardholder for over 35 years and they tried to swindle me on an order that I never received but was charged for just the same.

this store is not the Sears we all knew and loved as kids and that our parents shopped at. They are greedy, rude and condescending and their merchandise is now substandard.

Houston, Texas, United States #768552

Got fired didn't you? Either way, you are not revealing anything that shocking. ALL retail stores do the same.

to MikeBrady Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #768590

I don't think it's fair to just assume she was fired. It is possible that she just feels bad for the role she played in this, it's not hard to find alot of complaints from people who ended up with Sears credit cards/Mastercards that they were not even aware they had signed up for.

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