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I know posting will not resolve my issue but hopefully it will help someone not to buy from Sears or the extended warranty. I bought a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer (not cheap by the way) and the master protection warranty for five years also not cheap.

The warranty states that there is lemon protection which are so many loop holes that I see how that is beneficial. I have had issuses with my dryer two times this year and I have had issues with the washer twice this year. My frustation with dealing scheduling a repair (which is not convient with there time windows) any my washer or dryer being out of service for a few days. I had been having problems with my washer for sometime so when I had the yearly check up done I told the tech about it and the repair dept told him that if he could not duplicate the problem there is nothing that he can do.

In Novemember My dryer went out because of a heating element, (getting a repair to come out is not very speedy)Two weeks the washer stopped working in the middle of the cycle and would not drain the water. I called the repair dept and of course got the run around they could not come out for five days, meantime I have a washer full of clothes and water that would not drain. The customer service rep told the to get a bucket and get the water out. This is not why I bought a repair warranty.

I was finally able to speak with someone who had a repair out within a few hours. Now this week I started having the same issue with the washer. A rep man came out this morning supposedly fixed it with replacing the the wiring and the harness, I started my clothes and again same problem so I called the repair tech himself and he came back this afternoon he did not tighten all the wires. I told him I only called him directly because I knew I would get the run around he told me that they would of scheduled another for time to come back and basically told me that I should understand because he is supposed to be off at 430 and doesnt home until six or seven and he is tired.

Of course that struck a nerve. He leaves and tired to start clothes again and of course problem is not corrected I have a load of clothes in the wash and the water is over filled and I can not get it to drain. I called the customer relations dept and explained to the rep the situation and he told that i am going around in circles with the conversation and we needed to go forward to fix the issue that the dont guarntee quick and speedy service just the labor and parts that my issue are not of his concern told me that he cant get me another tech out until wednesday and refused to let me speak with someone else or a manager. I dediced to go to a Sears and speak with a manager.

Dispite all her efforts I still have a broken a washer and no guarntee of it being fixed anytime soon. I have never been so poorly in my life and it is a shame that you do with business with such a so called great company and recv that kind of service. They have no care and treat even the customers who have issues with an who gives a darn attitude.

I am so tired of hearing we want to help and I am so sorry this has happened. Just fix it already and make sure it never happens again.

Needles to say I will be contacting corporate with a certified letter that will also sent to the BBB and I will not pay on my account until they credit my account for the warranty

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I stopped buying appliances from Sears years ago. They are like a slow moving freight train headed for the edge of a cliff.

As for extended warranties (I NEVER buy them) are always a waste of money for the customer, IMO. They are a good deal for the store, a bad deal for the customer. Did you know that on average, that for every $1 a customer spends on an extended warranty, the store makes $0.80 pure profit?

In addition to that, the store gets your extended warranty premium payment in advance, after that they simply don't care about the customer. When it comes to paying for repair services, the cash customer (who didn't pay in advance) is king.

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