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So first off i was trying to order from the store to be delivered to my new house but the store closest to my new home was not in the system. It was a private store not a corporate store so i could not order at a regular store and have it delivered to the private store. The salesman talked me into ordering it from so he would get a commission.

I got approved for a Sears card while i was there but it would only cover $1500.00 and the whole order total was $2500.00 so the salesman talked me into buying 3 $500.00 gift cards to use so i could split payments.

The next day cancels my fridge because they ran out of stock, and try to refund the gift cards. I never had the gifts cards in the first place they got thrown away at the store.Then for the 2nd part of the transaction they tried to charge my American Express card for $1.00 then $75.00, then when they tried to charge the $939.00 my card canceled payment because it looked shady.

I go into Sears to cancel everything. I am in the middle of escrow and the last thing I need is *** Sears messing up my credit report but they won't help me at the store, they say that because I ordered it from the store but on the web I have to go onto to cancel it.

I go home and call the *** help line and.... they say I can't be helped by them and I have to go back to the store and get the problem fixed there.

Fast forward 2 weeks and finally says they are sending me a check to refund me and that they would send me a check. That was on March 13th. On the 27th I send them a email saying that I haven't gotten it yet. They send me back an Email saying that they haven't even processed or validated the *** check yet and they wouldn't even get around to it until April 1st. Well Aprils fool to me for ever shopping at Sears.

I have no faith in Sears anymore. No-one there cares that they have basically stolen credit and actual money from me with a vague promise to fix the problem later.

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