In Jan. 2009, I purchased a Kenmore Pro Refrigerator and Freezer for $3,000.00 at Sears in Oakland Mall, in Madison Heights, MI. My contractor preferred that I have all my appliances before they started my construction project. For the last year in a half, I've purchased the Kenmore Pro 3. cook top, 4. dishwasher, 5. double oven, 6. single oven and 7. warming draw totaling $12,000.00.

Nevertheless, I've been trying to buy the Kenmore Pro Dual Stainless Steel Grill since March, only to find out that it's discontinued. It was available for purchase on the website until July or shall I say until I complained. After complaining and calling, everyone, I found out the my fridge and freezer is Sears 2006/2007 model. Wow. Unbelievable. I knew it was a problem, because all appliances last a few years and parts and accessories should last longer.

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