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was in the sears store this morning At lewisville mall. Before door was open product was started coming out of the marchindise puckup area and loaded in the truck/vans.

When door open I straight went to the register and asked for the front loader washer dryer. I been told they are sold allready. I asked I am the first person and it is sold? They told me they handed out vouture before and they are all gone.

I been ther 2 hours early and never seen anything like that. How they been sold and how people been picking up there marchaindise before 4 am???

All thouse add were scam just for the employees friends and family only..

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The same thing happened to me. Went for the front loader washer/dryer set only to find out that they gave away 4 tickets at 2:30 in the morning.

When I asked the sales person about why this was not advertised in the ad, he answered like I was *** that it was a hot buy item and that hot buy items are always ticket items.

I think it was a scam for employees and their friends and family. This is why I don't shop at Sears normally because of their business practice.

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