I was in line on black Friday this year waiting for sear to open at 4AM!!! Once inside I rushed to electronics to purchase the 55" LED samsung tv!

I ordered it and was told the system was down but to go ahead and pay for it and come in the next day for pick up. I went in Saturday and was told that they didnt have the TV and that they didnt know when they were going to get it! How do you take a customers money and promise them an item later say that you may not get it for another month, 2 months or even 3 months. Oh and the manager later said they may not get it from Samsung at all!

UNACCEPTABLE if you ask me. The "operations manager" later said that its my fault and that they sold out which means I was not one of the first in line so I should understand. The battle isnt over and belive me I will be walking out with the TV i paid for.

But I will never shop at sears again and a lawsuit is in the works. Im going to get them for all the emotional damages and stress they have caused me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2999.

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Emotional damage?! Hah.

Get a life. The people waiting in line at 4am on Black Friday are what's wrong with this country.

Andover, England, United Kingdom #217610

You should go to www.tellallconsumeroutlet.com and post your review there. It is more of a professional site for these types of issues and they will contact the companies to help resolve some of these issues.


Pathetic, if you are sears employee you should know the rule that Customer is always right.

Buddy, if I pay for the TV that is told to be in stock and later refused, whose fault is this. I seen other competitors who at least try to resolve the issue by satisfying the customer with upgraded Model. I believe Sears should exactly do this else face the penalty charges by customer.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #217535

Good don't shop at Sears, I work there and don't want you shopping there and to deal with your rudeness. B*tch

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